Paris photoshoot and celebrating 1 million followers on IG! <3

Hej babes! Här kommer vloggen från Paris och plåtningen. Tänkte att det kanske kunde vara kul för er att se lite hur det går till och hur det kan se ut. :-) Vi hade verkligen så kul under plåtningarna, enligt mig en av de roligaste produktionerna jag varit på någonsin. Älskar att jobba med det här teamet! Skulle gärna ha Petronella (make up artisten) med mig varje dag, herregud vad duktig hon är… Hoppas ni gillar videon! :-) Både Jon och jag har nördat framför datorerna hela morgonen så nu vill jag antingen gå ut och äta lunch eller bara hitta på något. Hörs lite senare, massa kärlek <3

//Hey babes! Here’s the vlog from Paris and the photoshoot. Thought it could be fun for you guys to see how it is and how it can look. :-) We really had so much fun during the shoots, according to me it was one of the most fun productions I’ve ever been to. Love to work with this team! Would love to have Petronella (the make up artist) with me every day, oh my she’s good… Hope you like the video! :-) Both Jon and I have been true computer nerds all morning so now I either want to head out for lunch or just go out and do something. Talk later, lots of love <3

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  • Janni c et fantastique merveilleux merci de nous faire partager vos voyages bonne journée!!

  • anna says:

    vad jobbar du och Jon ? hur fick ni ert jobb?

  • Jenny says:

    Vad är det för locktång i videon? Så snygga lockar :)

  • sarah says:

    Vart e din Leo jacka från? Kan du löna isåfall <33333

  • sarah says:


  • Netti says:

    Vilken bra video! :-D

  • Liz says:

    Hej fina Janni!! Vart är din fina morgonrock från som du hade i den senaste vloggen (vlog 291)? Skulle bli så glad om du kunde svara!
    Tusen tack för bra blogg och vloggar! Kram!

  • Hadaza says:


  • Julia says:

    Amazing! Congrats Lady :)
    Greetings, Julia

  • agus says:

    great video! janni what do you think about marcus? you didn’t say anything about him… please do a vlog about your closet

    • janni says:

      Thanks babe! I will talk about it in the next vlog probably, but I totally understand he wants to spend more time with friends and family but it will be weird not to have him around anymore. :-) Xx

  • Siri says:

    Myyy god vad snygg du är i denna videon!!

  • Tyra says:

    Elsker alle sminkelookene fra denne videoen!! Og antrekkene :D Gleder meg til å se bildene og klærne på Nelly! :D

  • Hedda says:

    åååååh, jeg dør. du er så vakker!!

  • Marti says:

    Where is your black top from, when you are making macarones? :)

  • Linn says:

    Hvor er den svarte morgenkåpen din i denne videoen fra? Nydelig!

  • Mario says:

    Hi Jani, i wanted to know where did you stay in Paris,I love that appartment

  • Karla says:

    since a few month i feel like your blog isnt the same anymore. you feel so absent from here. i follow your blog since you started…when you did 4 updates a day. one in the morning, one shortly before lunchtime, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. you took us with you through the day. always told us what you up to what you doing right now and so on. you also always talked with us in the comment field. there was an ongoing interchange. i think this is one of the main reasons why your blog blow up so quickly to be honest. because all your readers felt the connection. then you switched to 3 updates a day due to more traffic here on your blog and answering comments and your emails took more time. totally understandable. now your update your blog 2 times (which i think is actually the best since i dont like so many updates and you also do videos now which takes a lot of time so i dont criticize the amount of updates at all) but you havent answered comments since the 8. or 9. january. and also your blogposts (only talking about the text) is so nondescript. i dont know in the past you always kept us up to date, told us about your day, just let us more be part of your life, and now you forget to tell us what you up to in paris you dont really tell us what you dong, always the same – either you make a whole post just talking about some clothes and why you love the combo or the dress or whatever or you just tell us 1000times how amazing everything is and how tired you are but also you have the best time..but nothing really specific. its more like you just write anything to fill the text field. i would wish that you start talking to us a bit more like it used to be. i dont like to compare bloggers to each other since everyone has their own style and that is good but i think the main reason why kenzas blog keeps beeing interesting is that she after all these years still has that close connection to her readers and we always know what she is up to or what she did that day or whatever. maybe you dont really understand what i mean since you dont read your blog daily and maybe dont notice any difference but i as a long time reader sure do. sorry for this super long comment but i just wanted to share my thoughts with you. hope you dont take it the wrong way. i dont want to spread no hate whatsoever. <3

    • janni says:

      Hi sweetie! And thanks for your comment, always good with feedback! Always good to get feedback and I take it all in, so I will think about this. I’ve actually been thinking about this exact thing the last few days, and now I’ve been answering 40 pages of comments, which took a while but I want to talk to you guys and hear your opinions. Since I started with vlogs I think it has taken lots of time from my other channels, but I will try my best to keep up with my blog as usual. :-) I love blogging and talking to you guys! <3 Xx

  • Mari says:

    :) Kul att hänga med och se hur det går till.

  • Sofia Stark says:

    vart kommer det röda läppstiftet ifrån och vilken färg??? Så snyggt!!

  • Zandra says:

    Hej Janni!

    Tack för superbra blogg och grattis till 1 miljon!!
    Vad heter låten som du har med i denna vlog?

    Ha de bäst! /Zandra

  • Alena says:

    Ooooh Janni!!!You are soooooo pretty!!?????always so like to watch your videos and photos!!♥️

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