RayBan glasses (here!) -adlink/ Storets set (top here! and skirt here!)/ Céline bag/ Luv Minimal rings/ Senso shoes

God morgon babes! Hur mår ni idag? Jag mår strålande, vi hade en supermysig kväll igår som sagt och idag har vi lunchdate på stan. Det är väldigt grått och tråkigt väder utanför nu och det står att det ska hålla i sig, men det gör inte så mycket för det betyder att jag kan försöka tvinga Jon att städa sina grejer. ;-) Här är min look från igår, vi fick sol och galet motljus när vi fotade. Jag struntade i jackan igår då det var ganska varmt och det här setet är stickat och mysigt så det räckte. Nu ska vi snart byta om och ta oss ut i regnet, senare idag kommer en vlogg från igår upp. Jag sitter och klipper den nu men tänkte ta en liten paus! Puss och kram, ha en mysig söndag <3

//Good morning babes! How are you today? I feel great, we had a great night last night as I said and today we have a lunch date in town. The weather is super grey and boring today and it says that it will stay like that, but I don’t care too much because that means I can try to force Jon to clean up his things. ;-) Here’s my look from yesterday, we got some sun and crazy backlight when we took these photos. I didn’t bring a jacket since it was pretty warm and this set is knitted and comfy so that was enough. Now we’re gonna get changed and head out in the rain, I’ll post a vlog later today from yesterday. I’m editing it right now but I’m gonna take a break! Kisses and hugs, have a nice sunday <3

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  • Kaia says:

    Love this outfit!! It looks so cool on you! <3

  • Lucie says:

    Wow, love this, it looks so chic! Absolutely in love with this outfit, and it suits you so well as well!
    Lucie, xx

  • Elsa Winge says:

    Snyggt snyggt snyggt!!

  • erika says:

    Hej Janni,
    vilket “everyday” objektiv använder du till din kamera? :D dina bilder är alltid helt magiska! <3

  • Nicol says:

    The knitted set is perfect!I love this bag, the blue colour is amazing.
    Great great photos, the light is just insane!

    Love, Nicol

  • Matilda says:

    Men alltså åhh vilken fin outfit!!

  • Ellie says:

    Looks so cool and comfy!;)

  • Oh wow, I’m in love with this set !! So cute :)

  • Siri says:

    Fantastiskt ljus i bilderna!!

  • Liena Snow says:

    Your style is so lovely Janni, great outfit choice! Have nice Sunday everyone :)
    I am currently writing a new post as well, blogging is so awesome, like its so great when you find something you enjoy so much and just immerse yourself in it. It comes in these little creative surprises of what to create more. If this makes sense, that is how I feel about every new post, just a pure joy and excitement!

  • Dina says:

    Hi! Where is your pink set from? The one you wore in the post “friday through my phone”? It was so nice, and I would really, really like to know where it is from:* thank you!

  • Sara says:

    Love the outfit!!

  • Seli says:

    Love the set beaut!!

  • Sanne says:

    Hvor er den svarte kjolen i fra Jon sin vlog fra? Elsket den!

  • María says:

    You are so beautiful in that outfit Janni!!! Hope you had a wonderful datenight. I just wonderd if you have it in a size s/m or xs/s, because I was thinking about getting it for myself aswell. Hehe.

  • Kamilya says:

    I love this amazing outfit)) Thank you for a good start of the day))

  • joelle says:

    Janni! Your photos are always so cool! Please can you share us some tips on how to create good camera flares and how you edit your pictures on lightroom pleaaaaaassssee! p.s love u and this outfit x

  • From LDN says:

    Hey, i’ve just seen jon’s vlog, and I just wanted to let you know, you guys shouldn’t be taking all of these comments seriously. People out there are extremely bored, and they take any chance to be mean, specially on social media.
    In my opinion, you’re definitely NOT a boring couple, and I’d like to see how “exciting” life those people have (so they can comment those things). And also, and even if i’m sure you already know that, you’re NOT a boring person.
    Marcus is indeed a great photographer, there’s no doubt, but also is Jon (and you) and it just feel bad how some people is reacting to Marcus leaving, making sth dirty of it, instead of leaving it as sth cool that happened. I’d recommend you, to just act as you always have (you just don’t have to give a fuck of it) and focus on being happy, as you always have.
    Just wanted to encourage you guys a bit
    Take care x

    • janni says:

      Thanks sweetie! <3 I seriously don't care too much about it, Jon cares a lot more unfortunately. ;-) Thanks a lot for your comment! <3

  • Sabina says:

    Such a pretty knitted set! I think they’re perfect pieces for the transitional weather now! I need some pieces like these in my closet!

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

  • pia says:

    wow these photographs are amazing! what an incredible light!!
    Fash ‘n’ fudge
    Fash ‘n’ fudge

  • Rovan says:

    Hey Janni! Was just wondering if you could start adding the camera that has been used (+ lens, if it’s not your Leica Q?) in your posts along with what you’re wearing? Love you and love your content! Xo

  • Juliw says:

    Great outfit! what size did you get it in cause i’m not sure how their xs/s vs s/m outfits are :)

  • pete says:

    These people are so sad, clicking on everything, posting it right away, all your privacies, online ?? wow shame on you,
    self-obsessed new generation’s people are utterly sad and pathetic. Ugly also on the inside, oh well you are on the outside too. Labels, fashion, makeup, all what matter to you? Have you read some science yet today, bitch? Bf is utterly dumb too, like you, but you wouldn’t see it, as crazy doesn’t know is crazy.
    No books nothing just labels labels, prestige, show off, utterly pathetic. Also your dumb face and posting showing every aspect of your life makes you look like an utter dumbass. You can NOT even realise the issue.

    Pathetic. You are just like every other girl out there. Get the fuck over yourself. Everything is not about you and you and you. Shame.
    Moments are for yourself, precious moments, yet you run to post online your self-absorbed-self.

  • Tote_Bags says:

    confident giarls

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