Moments from my favorite trip ever – Formentera!

Hej hjärtan! Hur mår ni den här fredagen? Jag mår bra, är fortfarande låg på energi och svårstartad liksom… Ska svänga förbi apoteket idag, köpa järntillskott för nu känner jag att jag har det. Har haft det förut så känner igen känslan, inte kul! Förhoppningsvis vänder det snabbt när jag börjar ta tillskott. :-) Nu har jag ju varit här i Marbella ett tag, så himla skönt, men jag tänkte berätta lite vad planen är för sommaren. Vi har inte så mycket planerat, men en resa som vi ska köra på är en favorit i repris – Formentera. Vi åkte båt från Marbella till Formentera förra året (tar typ 24 timmar), och det var på riktigt en av de bästa resorna jag någonsin gjort. Vi bestämde oss redan där och då att vi skulle göra det till tradition. :-) Nu måste vi bara bestämma när men jag tror att vi åker runt den 1a Juli, och jag längtar redan! Har ni några planer i sommar? Eller bara ta det lugnt? Massa kärlek <3

//Hey loves! How are you this friday? I feel good, still low on energy and I have a hard time starting to do things… Will pass by the pharmacy today, buy some iron supplements because now I can feel that I have it. I’ve had it before so I recognize the feeling, not fun! Hopefully it will turn around when I’m starting with supplements. :-) Now I’ve been here in Marbella for a while, so nice, but I thought I would tell you guys our plan for the summer. We haven’t planned much, but a trip that we’re going for that is a favorite – Formentera. We went with the boat from Marbella to Formentera last year (took us around 24 hours), and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever done. We decided there and then that we would make it a tradition. :-) Now we just have to decide when but I think we’re leaving around july 1st, and I can’t wait! Do you guys have any plans for the summer? Or just take it easy? Lots of love <3

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  • Joanne says:

    These photos are beautiful

    Petite Side of Style

  • Liena Snow says:

    Looks so amazing gorgeous photos Janni. Great plan, Formentera is such a beautiful place I haven’t been but have heard so many good things.
    I am moving to the city of Brighton in England this summer. So exciting! Looking for home right now and I am bit nervous but in a good excited way. I do not know anyone there but hopefully, will make new friends. I have been planning this move for a couple of years now and I can’t believe it’s happening next month.
    Have a wonderful day love. Hope you feel better soon.
    Lots of love xx

    • janni says:

      Thanks babe, Formentera is amazing so you should go if you ever get the chance! :-) Wow, hope everything will go smooth! Moving is so much fun and so exciting!! Xx

  • Dalal says:

    Summer plans:I am going on a round the world travel with my husband <3


  • Emma says:

    När skall du och Jon på din födelsedagsresa???? Och kan du göra en morgon/kvällsrutin med Jon?? SNÄLLAAAA

  • Teresa Reis says:

    Love the photos!!!

  • Lisa says:

    Hi! Just wanted to give you some confidence with iron deficiency. I’ve struggled with low iron levels my whole life and know the frustration. My GP was eventually convinced that my body is not absorbing it properly and so be it. BUT I have now been vegan for 2+ years and all my tests have come back perfect ever since. After changing my diet I also consciously started including different plant foods high in iron. My staples are: chia seeds, spinach, kale, oats, beans, tofu, potatoes, quinoa and different nuts. You can really combine so many different dishes using these foods :) As I understand you do not consume any meat and that’s perfectly fine! Also many meat eaters are struggling with the deficiency (i’m just one example). By choosing vegetarian dishes bear in mind that cheese, eggs and fish do not contain high levels of iron. So you can instead focus on choosing more whole foods whenever possible. If you don’t want to keep re-taking the supplements and are looking for healthy iron sources then plants have you covered :)

    • anemic says:


      my experience is totally different regarding the diet. Me too have anemic tendencies and went to the GP who said that I have to start eating minced meat at least couple of days a week. So I do and it has helped me a lot. On top of that I have to take iron supplements 50-100 mg per day. It’s funny how different things work for different people, I could never be a vegan, but I guess it depends on your blood type, what your body needs.

      • janni says:

        Exactly my thoughts, every body is different so I will go to a doctor and see what they say. :-) Xx

    • janni says:

      I think everyones bodies is so different, so I will make a test and see what the doctor says! I’m glad you feel better now! :-) Xx

  • Som nykläckt egenföretagare så blir det nog till att jobba större delen av sommaren – i alla fall med bloggen! Men i gengäld kommer det nog vara lite lugnare tempo plus att jag kan jobba när och varifrån jag känner för ☺️ Låter som en fantastiskt fin tradition med seglingen! Bilderna är underbara ☺️

  • Chanapha says:

    Åh vad roligt! Det ser magiskt ut <3

  • jenaly says:

    I can’t wait to see everything from that trip. I loved all the blogs that Jon did from that trip last year.

    Looking forward to it!!

  • Man blir verkligen sugen på semester när man ser alla fina bilder! :)

  • omg janni I’m there at the same time. maybe we see each other again. it was so nice to meet you and jon last year at espalmador.
    xoxo serena

  • Sophie says:

    Vackra bilder som alltid, så skönt med resa! Planer för sommar? Det blir jobb, jobb, jobb till oktober tror jag, så Sverigeresa blir inget i sommar. ?. Förhoppningsvis i höst, ävet inte ?

    • janni says:

      Åh hoppas du får fint väder iallafall, även fast man jobbar kan man ju hitta på saker innan/efter. :-) Stor kram!

  • WAOU!!! Genial Janni et Jon beautiful couple j adore je vous aime beaucoup vous faites parti de ma vie!!

  • Anna says:

    Jordgubbar, spenat och broccoli innehåller järn. Ät tillsammans med citrusfrukter. C-vitamin hjälper kroppen att ta upp järnet.

  • Fabienne says:

    How nice! Formenterra is so beautiful. Ive been there 3 years ago! This year I am going to Porto (Portugal) then Santorini and Mykonos. Cant wait for summer vacation!

  • Natalija says:

    I am from Riga,Latvia and this year we have here the start of Gumble 3000 !!! I have seen your pictures together with Jon from 2013 in Riga ;o)) Do you have plans to participate there again and come to Riga ?
    I would be so happy to meet you in live. I like your living style ;o)and of course I am the follower of your site here and in youtube ;o)))

  • Tyra says:

    Antibes om 11 dager, CAN’T WAIT!!

  • Yuna Vergult says:

    Loveee the pictures ? gets me all excited for summer!
    I’m going to a lot of different places in spain, balaton sound (a festival in hungary), tomorrowland (here in Belgium) and then to CUBA!! Your trip gave me so much inspiration, i had to see it for myself so the countdown can begin!

    Love from Belgium
    Yuna xxx

  • Maria says:

    Åh ska dit 3 juni. Kan du inte slänga ihop ett inlägg med tips på formentera/Ibiza? Restauranger, stränder osv? Hade varit guld!

  • Nora says:

    Hej! Tycker din blogg är superfin och håller på skapa min egen och undrar vad för typsnitt på din rubrik? Kram!

  • Meike says:

    I’m going to Sardinia this summer! Maybe you like it too, it’s looks like Formentera but then with Italiaan food ofcourse!!????

  • Zivile says:

    Janni, you’re such a lovely person xx


  • Lovisa says:

    Varifrån är din baddräkt du har på dig på första bilden? SÅ FIN!!

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