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21:15 | June 30, 2017


Last nights dinner with friends – dream house!!!

Hej hjärtan! Här åt vi middag igår, våra vänner som bor här har flyttat in i ett nytt hus ganska nyligen och WOW. Drömmen. Ser ni hängstolarna? Hade inte bangat att dricka morgonkaffet eller kvällstet där. ;-) Vi åt massa gott från Delish (tror jag att det var) och sen avslutade vi med en acai-bowl till efterrätt. Dom var frysta så det smakade typ som acai-glass, mycket gott! Vi hade en supermysig kväll, som alltid när vi hänger. Nu sitter jag med pappa och kollar tv, vi körde Jon till flygplatsen tidigare idag så det är familjehäng ikväll. Jon kommer tillbaka söndag morgon igen så han är bara borta en kortis. :-) Vad ska ni hitta på i helgen? Ha en fin kväll babes, massa kärlek <3

//Hey loves! This is where we had dinner last night, our friends here recently moved in to a new house and WOW. The dream. Can you see the hanging chairs? Wouldn’t say no to having my morning coffee or night tea there. ;-) We ate lots of good food from Delish (I think it was) and then we finished with an acai-bowl for dessert. They were frozen so it almost tasted like acai-ice cream, so tasty! We had a super cozy night, as always when we hang out. Now I’m just taking it easy with my dad and watching tv, we drove Jon to the airport earlier today so it’s family time tonight. Jon will be back sunday morning again so he’s just away for a short trip. :-) What are you guys doing this weekend? Have a great night babes, lots of love <3

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  • wooow, the house looks beautiful and you too, of course ;)
    I wouldn’t mind having my breaky or tea there either. heh
    Hopefully I am becoming an auntie this weekend, for the first tiiiime. :))) I am super excited about that. Actually today was the delivery date but since it is a girl, Clara, she wants to stay inside for a bit longer. hihi

    (: greetings

  • Oh wow, I hope you will become an auntie!! Such a nice feeling and you get so much more love in your body, haha! Xx

  • Hey Janni,
    This week-end I’m in Marbella for the first time and today I’ve been to “organic cold pressed juicery” to have my first Açai Bowl. It was delicious ? thanks for the advice !!

  • Oh I’m glad you liked it!! :D Xx

  • Åhhh vad mysigt det ser ut!

  • Så fin ställe!

  • Hello !!Janni! magnifique maison cela fait envie aussi de manger, amitiés a Benjamin qui est trop gentil, et qui peux vous aider à traduire car mon anglais est mauvais bonne journée a tous bisous

  • Åh, så himla mysigt!

  • It looks so wonderful!<3

  • Looks amazing and so delicious.
    Much love xx

  • Janni you look soooooo gorgeous in that dress. I also like your hairstyle a lot. It is different but looks so good, you should wear it more often =)Could you please please please tell me where it is from? <3

    Hugs :*