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11:51 | July 28, 2017


Nelly hat (similar here!)/ Na-Kd jacket (here!) and top/ 7 for all man kind jeans (here!)/ Hush shoes – adlinks

Hej hjärtan! Jag startade dagen med ett mördarpass, jag mötte upp Mira och hennes kille Kotten och körde ett pt-pass på Kampsportslabbet. Jag var dyngsur och spyfärdig efteråt, haha! Det var underbart skönt iallafall, det känns alltid så bra efteråt. :-) Mira och jag käkade frukost på Pom & Flora efteråt då vi var så hungriga, vi beställde två olika smoothie-bowls och delade på en avokadomacka. Bra start på dagen, och jag älskar att hänga med min fina vän igen. <3 Här är min look från igår, jag körde på jeans och färgglad jacka. Det var faktiskt lite för varmt så fick ta av mig jackan under dagen. Det här var innan jag klippte mig så nu är mitt hår 10 cm kortare, känns så skönt! Nu måste jag packa ihop, leka med kidsen och sen bär det av mot Norge. Hörs sen, PUSS <3

//Hey loves! I started the day with a killer workout, I met up with Mira and her boyfriend Kotten and did a session at Kampsportslabbet. I was soaked in sweat and felt like throwing up afterwards, haha! It was so nice though, it always feels good afterwards. :-) Mira and I had breakfast at Pom & Flora afterwards since we got so hungry, we ordered two different smoothie bowls and shared an avocado toast. Great start of the day, I love to spend time with my amazing friend again. <3 Here’s my look from yesterday, I went for jeans and a colorful jacket. It was actually a bit too hot so I had to take off the jacket during the day. This was before I cut my hair so now it’s 10 cm shorter, feels so good! Time to start packing, play some with the kids and then head to Norway. Talk later, HUGS <3

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16 kommentarer om “PINK JACKET”

    So cute that jacket is! I really like the jeans as well. They are super cool with the patch-work


    I love this!!

    But Janni, could you please make a blog post or a video about how your adventure started? I LOVE taking pictures, writing and fashion but I have no idea where to start doing it. What plattform did you start with and how old were you?
    Did you ever doubt that you could make it this far? And also, at what point did people start contacting you about collaboration and such, did you ever reach out to people yourself?

    I really hope you can answer some of my questions! I love your blog and I keep getting inspired by it everyday.

    Love xx


    I will try! :D I started almost 4 years ago so I was 23! Xx


    Hvor i Norge skal dere til, eller er annkommet allerede? <3 Veldig fin outfit btw <3


    Du ser helt fantastisk ut, som alltid!
    Hvilken størrelse har du i buksa? Og er det toll/frakt til Norge dersom man bestiller fra Revolve?:-)


    Jag har strl 25 :-) Det är så olika, vet inte exakt med Norge men jag brukar oftast slippa när jag beställer till Monaco. Ibland har man otur dock! ;-) Kram!


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