Celebrating Livia that turns 2 years old today <3

Åh vad mysigt det var att träffa lilla Livve och gratta henne idag! Min lilla (stora) tjej. <3 Jag missade kalaset som började klockan två så jag passade på att åka dit innan och hänga lite. Vi åt sushi, snackade lite och lekte innan hon och Valter vilade lite. Idag har jag en modevisning jag ska gå för Antonio som är min frisör. Han har varit frisör i 20 år och släpper sina egna hårprodukter, så det ska firas med en modevisning! Jag ska ha på mig en MAGISK klänning från Fadi El Khoury, Jon är med och fotar lite så jag visar er imorgon. :-) Stressiga men roliga dagar i Stockholm, imorgon åker jag till Köpenhamn en sväng så den här veckan blev intensiv haha! Hörs imorgon, massa kärlek <3

//Oh it was so nice to hang out with Livve and celebrate her! My little (big) girl. <3 I missed the kids party that started at two so I took the chance to go there before and hang out. We had sushi, talked a bit and played before Livia and Valter went for their nap. Tonight I have a fashion show that I’m walking for Antonio who is my hair dresses. He’s been a hair dresser for 20 years and he’s releasing his own product line, so that will be celebrated with a fashion show! I’m gonna wear a MAGICAL dress from Fadi El Khoury, Jon is there too so he will shoot some photos so I can show you tomorrow. :-) Hectic but fun days in Stockholm, I’m heading to Copenhagen tomorrow for a day so this week ended up being pretty intense haha! Talk tomorrow, lots of love <3

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  • Liena Snow says:

    Amazing photos, Happy Birthday!
    Have a great Fashion Show, big congratulations on your success.
    So happy and proud of you, sounds so, so exciting!
    Lots of love xx

  • Ines says:

    Wow, she’s 2 already? That’s insane. Time is flying by so fast, haha. Xx

  • Cynthia says:

    She is darling! Hope you shoot a vlog of tonight.

  • Amanda says:

    Vart är din tröja ifrån?<33

  • Not that long ago (about an hour or so) your significant other JON announced on his Youtube channel that he wants his viewers to help him choose his next car. According to him You want some raised (?) G-wagon with some even larger off road tires. As I remember it you also had quite the say in him getting his current Rolls. And then I see you with your niece on your blog…
    Does MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING really don’t mean shit to you?
    Have you forgotten that Manhattan was under water during super storm Sandy some five years ago? Could you at least consider a car that have the smallest possible environmental impact? I’m not asking you to ’slum it’ in some used Prius.
    But please don’t think off road! Think aerodynamic efficiency!
    Like the Panamera Sport Turismo 4 E-Hybrid. It’s a new car for around 1000K SEK.
    Or if a petrol or CNG Audi A4 Avant gets better milage, then why not get that.
    Best option would of course be a Tesla Model S, but I’m guessing you’re not going to make that compromise… From an environmental standpoint a G-wagon would probably be the worst possible option…

    • janni says:

      Hi there! In my opinion we would have the golf cart, only, haha! I couldn’t care less about cars etc, and to be honest when he asks me “this or that” I say what I think look the coolest. I try my best to think about global warming, that’s the reason I went vegetarian 1,5 years ago since that’s the biggest reason to climate change. I try my best with the life I live, and I would probably buy an electric car if it was only me, I don’t care about the sound of the car etc. I like when it’s quiet. ;-) So to sum it up, I try my best and I can’t take responsibility for Jon’s cars, that you have to talk to him about. All the best!

      • Re: ”I can’t take responsibility for Jon’s cars”: Come on!… That is s u c h a cop-out!… Like you don’t have any say at all?… Have you talked to him about this? What does he say? Neither you, nor him, has said a word publicly about the environmental impact of the RS6, Huracan, Rolls and now this G-Wagon or FF monstrosity!… ”I say what I think look the coolest” So is that what it comes down to? Why didn’t you suggest he get something with the lowest possible gas milage/CO2-emissons? The problem seems to be that you don’t understand what it is going to take to stop and reverse sea-level rise… And you don’t care to learn… I really wish I could give you all the best. I really do. But that would be dishonest of me.

  • Bella says:

    Where is your t-shirt from? ?

  • Eira says:

    Åh vad mysigt med tvåårsfirande! Var är kökslampan över bordet ifrån?? Superfin!!

  • Saule says:

    Where is your t-shirt from?

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