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10:13 | October 19, 2017


Monaco vlog in collaboration with Gina Tricot! Find all the links to my outfits in the description of the video (HERE!)

Also – find my favorite pieces from their website HERE!

Hej babes! Här kommer vloggen som jag spelade in nu i Monaco. Vädret var underbart och vi hade en härlig dag! :-) Jag gjorde videon tillsammans med Gina Tricot, så i vloggen får ni se massa outfits. I slutet visar jag mina tre favoriter när det kommer till party-outfits, nu när det börjar bli en period med en del fest. :-) Vi festar ju inte så ofta dock, men många gör haha! Jag gillar att klä upp mig och gå ut och äta middag och alla looksen funkar minst lika bra för det också! Jag visar även upp mina tre favoritställen för lunch i Monaco, ni är några som frågat om matställen så jag tänkte att ni skulle uppskatta det. Ha en fin dag, PUSS <3

//Hey babes! Here’s the vlog I recorded now in Monaco. The weather was amazing and we had a great day! :-) I did this video together with Gina Tricot, so in this vlog you’ll see lots of outfits. In the end I show you my three favorites when it comes to party-outfits, now when there’s a time with a few parties. :-) We don’t party that much though, but a lot of people do haha! I still like to dress up and go out for dinner and all these looks works just as good for that! I also show you guys my three favorite places for lunch in Monaco, some of you have asked for restaurants so I thought you would appreciate it. Have a great day, HUGS <3

In collaboration with Gina Tricot.

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7 kommentarer om “MONACO VLOG”

    Älskar dina vloggar? Ser fram emot fler hauls??
    Kolla gärna in min blogg!



    Hello – thank you for a nicely produced ( and interesting ) blog. I have a question as I can see that all your favourite restaurant spots are in the same area where you live ( Im a big Bouchon fan myself ) and I always end up in that area, but is there other nice places . Im thinking more central or maybe in the new part of Monaco?


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