Some of the clothes I’m selling at Yaytrade – a new company I’ve been working on with our team!

Hej hjärtan! Nu ska jag berätta något kul som Jon och jag har hållt på med ett tag tillsammans med ett gäng. Ni vet när man säger att man har saker på gång man inte kan berätta, men nu kan jag. ;-) Jag har ju tidigare sålt mina kläder som inte kommer till användning, och det är något jag uppmanar alla till att göra. Dels för att det är kul att kläder kommer till användning istället för att ligga i en garderob, och dels för att det är mycket bättre för miljön. Vi har nu varit med och startat ett bolag, Yaytrade, som är en hemsida/app där man kan sälja alla möjliga saker och köpa/byta/hyra sig till nya saker. Antingen betalar man med pengar, eller så byter man mot en vara eller tom en tjänst. Ett roligt och nytt sätt att sälja/köpa saker på! Vi säljer en heel del kläder (det kommer komma upp nytt ofta), och vi har valt att skänka 100% till välgörenhet. Efter Colombia-resan känns det som det enda rätta! :-) Eftersom det kommer upp nyheter hela tiden kan ni följa min profil, eller Jons, eller någon annan ni gillar så ser ni varje gång det kommer upp något nytt! Ni kan spana in hemsidan om mer info HÄR, och min profil hittar ni HÄR! Ni skapar ett konto och sen kan ni sälja, köpa, hyra eller byta saker med varandra. Hoppas ni tycker det är lika kul som vi gör, och hoppas ni hittar något ni gillar! Puss och kram <3

//Hey loves! Now I’m gonna tell you something fun Jon and I have been working on together with a team. You know sometimes when I say I have things going on that I can’t tell you about, now I can. ;-) I’ve sold my clothes that I don’t use before, and that is something I urge everyone to do. Partly because it’s fun when clothes comes to use instead of just laying around in a wardrobe, and partly because it’s so much better for the environment. We’ve now been involved in a start up, Yaytrade, which is a website/app where you can sell anything and buy/trade/rent things for new things. Either you pay with money, or you trade it against another product or a service. A fun and new way to sell/buy things at! We’re selling a loot of clothes (and there will be a lot more), and we chose to donate 100% for charity. After the Colombia trip it feels like the only right thing to do. :-) Since we have new things dropping all the time you can follow my profile, or Jon’s, or someone else that you like and then you’ll see when new things are coming! You can check out the website for more info HERE, and you’ll find my profile HERE! You create an account and then you can sell, rent or trade things with each other. Hope you think this is just as fun and exciting like we do, and hope you will find something you like! Kisses and hugs <3

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  • Katri says:

    Great that you are involved in recycling clothing, but isn’t it a bit of a joke that you got most of these clothes for free from companies that use you to increase their sales and now you are bragging about giving away your clothes for free for charity. Not meaning to be rude, but if you really want to be a rolemodel for your readers and make a good cause for the environment maybe you should start considering better what brands you promote on your blog and not accept and show off every single clothing which is sent to you to make more sales for the companies. Talking about making a statement! You have over million followers, I think you can make a great impact, if you’d actually want to do something “to make the world better place”.

    • ule says:

      I fully agree with this sentiment. It sure is better when you do good yourself and with your own hands, but take for example the Colombia trip. Building a school was a beautiful thing. But who will educate and pay the teachers? With the money you spent on air tickets and acommodation you could pay a good wage to a whole bunch of local workers. They would get both the school and the payment. Maybe you donated some more – if so, I applaud it. People fron NGOs are usually better qualified and have more experience with problems they’re working on, they just need more resources. The same goes for paying taxes, I believe that financing public healthcare, education and science can only be good.

      Still, I think it’s cool you’re at least doing something and I hope you’ll get more involved. I understand that a radical shift overnight would cost you some followers, but I hope you’ll continue.
      I couldn’t have such a job (constant flying, expensive cars, way too many clothes, clothes that shed microplastics…) and say with a straight face that I care about environment. Yes, this lifestyle is fun and it pays good money (does a person really need that much money for personal expenses? People live comfortably with less), but think about how much faster the climate would change if everyone lived this lifestyle.

      PS: I didn’t want to just bash, I obviously read this blog… I mostly like that you don’t seem that high maintenance, and the random pictures that sometimes inspire me to sew something myself (in natural fibers ;). I think the best you’ve done is stopping eating meat and using Gigi in Marbella. I’m happy for you that you, your dad and Jon were able to create successful careers, even if they are not what I would like to do for a living.
      This comment is not meant only for you, but for everyone reading this. While fashion blogs should serve for inspiration, we don’t need to buy every fast fashion piece ;) And we should think about where our clothes are from and what they are made of.

      • Visitor says:

        And I mean seriously she makes money with the clothes she got for free from companies, by selling them through the app/ website she and Jon are owners of. That’s not charity, that is just a horrible way to make even more money!

      • Effie says:

        I fully agree, I do not think you can talk about being environment friendly when having a carbon footprint extremely high with so much traveling, food waste with these PR events all over the world and to promote made-in China or god knows from where material. Having such a wide reach on social media, such a big influence should be used to convey more positive values (especially like she does with sports, family, being natural…)

        I love Janni and her personality but I strongly question the quality of the clothes and the always-too-many collaborations with too many brands. It’s simple, at her beginning three years ago I would buy things she would wear as you could see she bought them and really liked them, but now with so many collaborations I am not interested anymore as I just feel like a money-maker so I don’t even want to participate in this and do not click. frustrating.

        this does not mean I do not acknowledge the huge amount of work: it is just a shame as it alters the “real life” feeling of the blog .


  • Tova says:

    Hej Janni!
    Åh vilken kanonidé!! Måste bara passa på att fråga om du har kvar den svarta långklänningen som du designade för SanneAlexandra för några år sedan? Tyckte att den var magisk fin, men finns inte att få tag i någonstans.. om du skulle vilja sälja den så skulle jag hemskt gärna vilja köpa den!
    Så roligt med nya huset i Marbella förresten, ska bli kul att följa hur ni gör iordning där :D

  • Cilla says:

    Det här var super att läsa :) bra initiativ!

  • Judith Mendez says:

    Hello Janni
    I like your fashion style but even more your life style.
    I was thinking today about some specific pieces of your clothes, how funny is that
    My health is my priority but now more than ever I’ll start my blog or vlog
    I wish you the best sweetie
    send you so much peace and love from México

  • Cynthia says:

    So generous and kind of you guys. You’ll have to share how much money you’ve raised for charity.

  • Jemima says:

    Vilken bra idé<3

  • Looking gorgeous as usual! And I definitely agree selling is the best way to go! Great post and thanks for sharing Janni x

    Millie x

  • Erica says:

    Superkul idé! :D

  • Liena Snow says:

    Amazing idea and so great that you donate all income to charity.
    Love your style!
    Lots of love xx

  • Robin Farberg says:

    Hei Janni! Så bra at ni gjör det, och at ni donerar alt til et veldedig formål <3 Heier på er!

  • Hanna Rusanen says:

    Hi Janni!
    While it is of course better to recycle your clothes than to throw them away (does someone actually do that?) I find it a bit hypocrite to talk about environment in your blog where you promote fast fashion on daily basis. I understand that it is your job and of course also your passion as you like fashion but would be really interesting hear your thoughts on this.Since you have successfully built such a follower base, you have the power to be a rolemodel to support more sustainable way of life.

    Puss och kram

  • marta says:

    despite some comments I like the idea of yaytrade itself. Not sure.. is it only a Swedish thing or do you ship abroad? Would be great to know. Thumbs up for the idea!

    best xx

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