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08:07 | May 14, 2018


In collaboration with Na-Kd.

Top here!/ Skirt here!

Dress here!   – all pieces from Na-Kd.    Photos by: Micha Wissen.

God morgon babes! Vi startar dagen med lite outfits – perfekta inför våren och sommaren. :-) Den första looken är en perfekt outfit när man vill känna sig färgglad men ändå bekväm. Gillar den massor och fick så många komplimanger av folk på stan när jag hade på mig den. Jag säger ju att färg gör folk glada. ;-) Den andra looken är en klänning i vitt och guld, så fin i sommar till vilken fest som helst. Nästa gång kommer jag nog ha den med ett skärp i midjan och sandaler. Nu fotade jag inte ryggen men den är djup, så fin! Jag har en insta-story haul idag tillsammans med Na-Kd, och det här är två av looksen. Kika in där om ni vill se några fler! Ni kan även se mina favoriter HÄR! Koden “Janni20” ger er som vanligt 20% rabatt, koden gäller i 72h! :-) Happy shopping babes! PUSS <3

//Good morning babes! We’re starting this day with some outfits – perfect for spring and summer. :-) The first look is the perfect outfit when you want to feel colorful but still comfy. I like it a lot and I got so many compliments from people around town when I wore it. I’m telling you people get happy when you wear color. ;-) The other look is a dress in white and gold, so pretty during summer to any party. Next time I wear it I will probably add a belt in the waist and sandals. I didn’t take photos of the back but it’s deep, so pretty! I’m doing an insta-story haul today together with Na-kd, and these are two of the looks. Check it out if you want to see more! You can also see my favorites HERE! The code “Janni20” will give you 20% off as usual, and the code is valid for 72 hours! :-) Happy shopping babes! HUGS <3

25 kommentarer

25 kommentarer om “SPRING LOOKS”

    You didn’t get mad because Jon posted the strippers in his vlog?


    Thank you Janni for so many inspirations for my Ibiza trip next month! Always love your NA-KD hauls :-)


    White is my fav color you wear, but then so is red, blue, yellow, green and any other color ??
    Still scratching my head wondering how it is your not on EVERY magazine cover.
    Hope your having a great Monday.
    Til next time
    Ciao Ciao ??❤


    Hej! Jag hittar inte den röda klänningen du visar i din haul på instagram någonstans på NA-KD :( skulle jättegärna vilja klicka hem den, har du någon länk till den?


    Åh har du hittat den nu? Den kanske är slutsåld… :-(


    These dresses and photos are really speaking to me today! I love the colourful picks you’ve chosen and how you styled them. The close up shot of you in the stripped dress is beautiful and I love the change of location for the second outfit. I feel as though I rarely see you in this environment so it’s a nice change. It also works great with the dress, very etheithiralrial and whimsical vibes :D


    Beautiful photos, as always! Michaela really has her own distinctive style as a photographer. Lucky you, to have such a talented friend!


    Oh I have this matching set! So nice to already have something that you love! I must be doing something right! X


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