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God morgon babes! <3 Tack för alla grymma(!!) tips igår, och vad kul att ni är så många som redan äter plant based. :-) Ska bli kul att lära sig mer och läsa för att få mer information. Peppen! Igårkväll åkte vi och handlade lite snacks på en organic store här, jag har fått in pappa på att försöka lite också. Självklart var han sugen på glass direkt och jag sa att det finns säkert massor av alternativ, så vi åkte och köpte glass gjord på kokosmjölk. Han gillade det, haha! ;-) Jag kommer uppdatera er när jag har lite mer info och har provat laga lite olika rätter (hittade plant based ost också, så det ska provas!). :-)) Här kommer en helblå outfit som jag glömt posta, från båtresan. <3 Oj vad jag längtar tillbaka dit. Lugnet, måendet, hänget med familjen och allt fint vi såg. Här gick vi upp på taket på båten för att spana in solnedgången. Favorittiden på dagen. Wow. Planen för dagen är inte så många, vi kanske åker in till Marbella town en sväng men inget bestämt än. Det är galet varmt så poolen lockar kanske lite mer… Vi får se, haha! PUSS <3

//Good morning babes! <3 Thanks for all the great(!!) tips yesterday, and how fun that many of you already eat plant based. :-) It will be fun to learn more and read to get more information. Excited! Last night we went to the organic grocery store here to buy some snacks, I’ve gotten my dad to try some too. Of course he wanted ice cream straight away and I said that they probably have tons of options, so we went to buy ice cream made of coconut milk. He liked it, haha! ;-) I will update you when I have more info and when I’ve tried to make some dishes (found plant based cheese, so I will try that!). :-)) Here’s an all blue outfit that I forgot to post, from the boat trip. <3 Wow I miss it. The calm, feeling, hang out with the family and all the pretty things we saw. Here we went up on the roof of the boat to watch the sunset. Favorite time of the day. Wow. I don’t have many plans for the day, we might go to Marbella town for a visit but nothing decided yet. It’s so crazy hot here so the pool might be a better option… We’ll see, haha! HUGS <3

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  • Liena Snow says:

    Looks so pretty! Beautiful photos!
    My favourite Ice Cream is Booja Booja it is made of Cashew Nuts. So tasty!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Much love xx

  • Amanda says:

    Så vacker! Helt underbara bilder som alltid!

  • Elsa says:

    Dear Janni,
    I love you and your style, but as an influencer with a huge amount of followers, please promote sustainable fashion as well!
    It’s a bit confusing that on the one hand you speak about sustainable food choices but on the other hand promote fast fashion even though fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet after oil.. I would love to see you wearing sustainable fashion, and with your power, you could really change things in fashion industry <3
    BR, Elsa

    • ule says:

      I agree with this. There are many more ecological designers – and private seamstresses that could make anything you want out of sustainable materials!
      Going more plant-based is great, though.

  • Matilda says:

    Låter som en så bra dag! <3

  • Mireia says:

    This top is really cute!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Sara says:

    really beautiful photos !!! :))

    but something i wanted to say is do you really have to post now every single day on your insta story? i find it quite annyoing. like it is now a must that everyone has to post smth on their insta-story even if its plain uninteresting. you were so good in only posting on there if you really did smth that was worth it to post like when you were on vacay or so now you do it like your dad and most other influencers who feel the need to post on their every single day. i rather have you vlog more often than to post their when its not even that interesting. :/

    • Dianah says:

      Hi Sara, I think its quite individual. For example, I like when they post something everyday because you feel more “connected” to them when you see some short videos that are not prepaired and that are more spontanious than the vlogs on YouTube. Just skip it if you dont like it. But I think its worth it for Janni because there are much more people loving it than “hatin” it :-) sorry for my english hah. Love

    • janni says:

      Haha, oh that’s a first! :-) I’m really bad at posting on stories and every day I get DMs about that I should post more haha! I’m trying but I can’t seem to figure out something to post every day. If you don’t like it you can just skip it and not watch it. :-) Xx

  • Anouk says:

    So pretty! <3

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Janna! You can check up some foodblogs (vegan) om Instagram there are plenty of them ! I just read your last 2 posts and omg that made me sooo happy to hear that !
    Much love

  • Anonym says:

    Heja dig som ska äta plant based!! Har också varit vegetarian flera år men bestämde mig igår efter att ha läst en artikel om hur galet ohållbart det är att äta kött ( har även sett cowspiracy, what the health osv och tänkt att någon gång i framtiden ska jag bli vegan) så kände att nu får det vara nog! Beställde b12 idag och är så taggad :) kram!

  • Simi says:

    Yeah, whe it´s hot, the pool is really the best option ::) And I have never tried coconut milk icecream yet.. :) You look gorgeous anyways :))

  • ule says:

    I don’t know anyone that actually likes the taste of vegan cheese, and I know quite a few vegans. I’d rather just live without :)

  • Siri says:

    Åh vad härliga bilder!!

  • Ellie says:

    Hur ser din träning ut just nu? Kram!❤️

    • janni says:

      Promenader nästan varje morgon och styrketräning 3 ggr i veckan ungefär, ibland 2ggr och ibland 4ggr beroende på hur sugen jag är haha! Kram!

  • it’s really hot here in marbella! gorgeous pictures – your gingham top is super cute!

    (recently discovered your blog and love to read your posts by the way!!!) <3


  • Netti Starby says:

    Åh vilka vackra bilder på dig! :-D

  • Lise says:

    Har du sett den dansk/svenske serien Greyzone?! Hvis ikke burde du virkelig se den – såå spennende!! Ha en fin kveld <3

  • Wow, these photos are absolutely stunning!!! <3
    Love, Sandra /

  • NataschaNielsendk says:

    Hi Janni
    Im a plant based nutritionist located in Marbella
    I would love to help you with some advise on how and what to do when you go vegan.
    Its quite Important to find out exactly what your body needs to thrive and make this the best experience.
    PS. I also know where you can get all the best vegan food here in Marbs ;)
    Feel free to whatsapp me on +4560178358
    Or check out my instagram on NataschaNielsendk
    Congratulations on your choice <3

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