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10:52 | October 24, 2018


A vlog from yesterday – a day in Monaco and a day of launching our brand…

God morgon hjärtan! <3 TACK för igår, helt galet vilken respons vi fick… Det mesta är slutsålt men vi har lite kvar på lager på ladies-sidan. :-) Vilken drömstart vi fick, wow! Det här gjorde mig så peppad på att komma på ännu mer saker för vårt brand. Jag fick feeling och vloggade hela dagen igår, lite stressade men kanske kul för er att se haha! Som sagt så har vi ju varit ett litet team så vi har gjort allt, igår fotade vi dom sista bilderna till hemsidan och fixade massor. Tänkte att det kanske kan vara kul att se lite behind the scenes. :-) Jag fick in ett träningspass också, bästa sättet för mig att bli av med lite stress. Ni får kolla vloggen helt enkelt. Jag har verkligen gillat att vlogga senaste tiden, vet inte vad som hände men lika bra att passa på när jag har feeling för det haha! Nu är planen att duscha, byta om och sen tror jag att vi ska till Cannes för att lämna Bennis bil. Kanske blir en lunch där borta när vi ändå åker dit, vi får se. PUSS <3

//Good morning loves! <3 THANKS for yesterday, crazy feedback we got… Most of the things are sold out but we have some things still in stock on the ladies side. :-) What a dream start we had, wow! This makes me so excited to come up with so many more things for our brand. I had feeling and vlogged all day yesterday, a bit stressed but maybe fun for you guys to see haha! As I’ve said we’re a small team so we’ve done it all, yesterday we shot some of the last photos for the website and organized a lot. Thought it could be fun to see some behind the scenes. :-) I squeezed in a workout too, the best way for me to get rid of stress. You’ll see it in the vlog. I’ve truly enjoyed vlogging lately, I don’t know what happened but I thought it’s better to do it when I feel like it haha! Now the plan is to have a shower, change and then I think we’re heading to Cannes to drop off Benni’s car. Might have lunch over there too since we’re going all the way there, we’ll see. HUGS <3

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9 kommentarer om “LAUNCH DAY – VLOG”

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  • WHAT A crazy feedback we got…

    ” I had feeling and vlogged” WRONG instead: i had the mood for it or i felt like vlogging or smth like that

  • Haha, oh my so sorry for not being 100% correct in everything I write… You always complain about how I write things, but remember english is not my mother tongue so I’m just trying my best. ;-) Just a question, why do you complain about most things I do but use different names? :-)) You know I can see the IP-address? HUGS Xxx

  • HA HA bra jobbat Janni! Du bemöter puckon så bra <3

  • Haha bra där Janni!! 👍😊

  • Åh så fina grejer! :) Kommer lagret fyllas på igen?

  • Elsker at dere alltid er så ærlige og ekte! Så inspirerende og feel good :) Love it!

  • I really appreciate all of you for deciding to put so many details of every piece of clothing that you are selling on your website. Not only did you make very clear videos, you also wrote which size you prefer the most and you also put on yourself every size that you have so that we can really see which size would fit us the best. Thank you for that!! It’s what every brand should have. With that it’s so easy to know which size would really feet us best and how the product really looks.
    Congrats on everything and I can’t wait to see what you have in store next!! xx

  • Congrats on the launch, all the items look so cool, I’m definitely going to check it out!! I have one small question which has nothing to do with the brand – I’m sorry – , but in Jon’s vlog, you were wearing some kind of grey fannypack with a multi-colored strap, where did you get that from? I love it!

  • This looks so cool and comfy!

    Mireia from TGL