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10:31 | December 7, 2018


Chicory coffee – the thing I drink now instead of coffee. :-)

Good morgon hjärtan! Idag fick jag sällskap på min promenad, Jon och Benni hängde med. :-) När vi kom hem gjorde jag en kopp av min nya “kaffe”, Chicory! Jag vet inte om det säljs i Sverige, men jag är säker på att man kan hitta det om man letar lite. Det är så gott och helt utan koffein! Det smakar lite nötigare än kaffe, vilket jag bara gillar. :-) Man kan göra det med varm mjölk, men jag gör det såhär: 1,5 tsk chicory i en kopp, lite kanel och sen varmt vatten på. Jag blandar runt och häller i mandelmjölk och sen är det klart! Den här mandelmjölken är så god, rostade mandlar… Yum! Jag har läst på lite om Chicory och det verkar vara en riktigt bra dryck med vitaminer och bra för magen, googla lite så kan ni läsa. :-) Man ska dock inte dricka det om man är gravid, så det kan vara viktigt att tänka på om så är fallet för någon här som vill prova. :-) Grymt tips om någon vill dra ner på kaffe som jag, jag har faktiskt noll sug efter kaffe nu och har mer energi hela dagen. Det trodde jag aldrig skulle hända, haha! Ha en magisk fredag babes, PUSS <3

//Good morning loves! Today I got some company on my walk, Jon and Benni joined. :-) When we got back home I made a cup of my new “coffee”, Chicory! I’m not sure where you can find this in other countries, but I’m sure you can find it if you look around a bit. It’s so good and zero caffeine! It tastes a bit “nuttier” than coffee, which I just like. :-) You can make it with hot milk, but I make it like this: 1,5 teaspoon chicory in a cup, some cinnamon and then hot water on it. I mix it and add almond milk and then it’s done! This almond milk is so good, roasted almonds… Yum! I’ve read about Chicory and it seem to be a really good drink with vitamins and also good for your stomach, google around and you can read about it. :-) You shouldn’t drink it if you’re pregnant though, so that can be important to think about if you are and want to try. :-) Great tip for someone who wants to cut down on coffee like me, I actually don’t crave coffee at all now and I have more energy throughout the entire day. I never thought that would happen, haha! Have a magical friday babes, HUGS <3

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13 kommentarer om “NEW KIND OF COFFEE”

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  • Hey Janni ! You should try this recipe :
    – a long coffee,
    – vanilla extract
    – almond milk
    – cinnamon !
    Enjoy and love :)

  • I love to have chicory too!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Where is the black and white cup from?:)

  • Hejsan!!! Ha skickade Dig och Jon En Digital Jul Kort och halsingar ..Email. Men Har ocksa GOD JULOCH GOTT NYTT A”R. and their was A Uk Coffee Very popular in 6070s called “CAMP” Coffee very Much Chicory based Not sure if still Avaible Was So so nice med Warm Milk Hej Daaaaaaa Kram Tony c uk xxx

  • kuku1

  • hi janni! I had been loking for an alternative too. Those are “cereal coffee”. It was typical during war and after cause they didnt have coffee so they toasted their cereals.
    I found also the “carob tree” coffe. (I would mix this with yours). The others have all gluten because they are mainly barley or wheat. But I found a mix that doesnt have gluten “naturata” grain coffee gluten free version =)
    This mornings lately I have been using “pur ya” vegan protein powder.The one with banana that is for energy. It really works. And for the afternoon the vanilla “raw bites” which dont have any sugar, just dates cashes and sometimes veg protein powder. I buy a box.
    all of this I buy online =)

  • Looks disgusting and not coffee.

  • Chicorée isn’t as tasty as coffee, why don’t you drink Decaffeinated coffee ?

  • I did the same when I quit coffee this summer, chicorée and cinnamon but the one that I bought tastes more herbal than nutty. Now I drink decaf :p Chicorée is made out of a root vegetable isn’t that crazy?


  • Coffee is the best Janni !!

  • Such a cool idea! Thanks for the recipe.
    Love, Sandra /

  • Jag dricker också det! Jag köper mitt härifrån ifall du vill tipsa dina läsare! Många kramar!

  • Hej Janni!❤️
    Vilken kamera använder du till bilderna här? Superfina!