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14:19 | December 11, 2018


Promotion for our company C’est Normal.

Releasing the restock today at 8pm (CET) – we made Christmas boxes for the holidays. :-) 

Find our website HERE!

Heej hjärtan! Vi har varit upptagna hela dagen med att fota nya produktbilder till C’est Normal – vi släpper nämligen påfyllningen idag!! :D Det tog ju slut alldeles för snabbt förra omgången, så nu har vi kämpat för att få till en påfyllning innan jul. Vi hann även göra nya boxar, hur fina är dom här!? Jag älskar dom. :-) Vi skickar alltså alla kläder i dessa boxar, och ser ni hur fina dom ser ut under granen? En grym julklapp, hehe. Hemsidan går live kl 20.00 ikväll (svensk tid), så om ni är sugna på något får ni vara redo då. När vi skulle fota bilder till hemsidan så ville vi ha lite julfeeling, som tur är har vi det såhär fint i entrén till vår byggnad. Det är så julpyntat här överallt, vi har noll pynt här hemma eftersom vi ska åka härifrån över julen… Men – nu lyssnar vi på julmusik och jag redigerar dom sista bilderna till hemsidan. Mysigt! Hoppas ni har en fin dag babes, PUSS <3

//Hey loves! We’ve been super busy all day shooting new product photos for C’est Normal – we’re releasing the restock today!! :D It sold out so quickly last time, so we’ve pushed to get a restock before Christmas. We also had time to do new boxes, how pretty are they!? I love them. :-) We’re sending all the clothes in these boxes, and can you see how good they look under the tree? A great Christmas gift, hehe. The website goes live at 8pm (CET), so if you want something be ready by then. When we were gonna shoot the photos to the website we wanted some Christmas spirit, luckily they made it this pretty in the entrance of our building. It’s so much Christmas decorations around here, we have nothing at home since we’re going away during Christmas… But – right now we’re listening to Christmas music and I’m editing the last photos for the website. Cozy! Hope you’re having a great day babes, HUGS <3

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  • Love the packaging you all designed!

  • Just watched Jon’s vlog. Exicting stuff. The boxes look great!
    -Kim xo

  • I mean cool, it’s looking good but what’s the point to restock just few pieces if they are not available anymore in the next 10 minutes.. Creating hype around this for ages and pretending the website is crashing..?
    Just be honest on your sell-out strategy and stop pretending you didn’t order enough.. that’s the minimum you can do to your followers (that are your customers btw…) getting so annoyed now.. :(

  • This is really cool!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Hi Janni & Jon,
    Can I please give some feedback.
    1) I really love your design but could you please “finish” off the shirts/hoodies. If I am paying good hard earned money for your clothing, I don’t want raw edges, it looks messy and not classy. I don’t want to wear clothes that look like they weren’t finished being made.
    I know that this “raw edge” look is in fashion at the moment with jeans etc, but in tops and shirts it just looks a mess.
    2) LOVE the Christmas packaging – such a great idea. And the normal packaging is very original, so well done.
    3) Love the shade of orange you have chosen, would you consider doing a ladies hoodie (not cropped only) in the orange.
    4) Have you considered a zip through wind cheater / water repellent jacket in white and black to compliment the range.

    Thank you for reading and congratulations on your business.

  • Hello Janni,
    This is not related to the post, but I am very happy that you are trying a plant-based diet! I was reading the comments in the vlog and I am surprised how uninformed people can be. While you supplement with b12 and have a balanced diet you will feel wonderful! Your body, the planet and the animals will thank you.
    If you like, here are some documentaries and movies for the process:
    cowspiracy, what the health, forks over knives, earthlings (discretion is advised), dominion and Okja
    I just have to say thank you! You have no idea of the power you have to change the world.

  • Ah that’s so exciting! I like the boxes already! X

  • Awww I love this editorial!

  • Hej. Jag beställde förra veckan och hoppades på att det skulle komma fram som en julklapp, men har inte ens fått mailet om att varan blivit sent än ?! :( vad händer? – Emma

  • You always make my day shining by good news. Thank you so much!

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