Best way to start the weekend – a hike with a friend and her little girl. <3

Hej babes! Fredag idag igen, känns det inte som det var fredag typ igår? Haha! Jag har ju en liten “regel” för mig själv, och det är att bara dricka läsk på helgen… När jag är i Spanien dricker jag läsk varje dag annars och det funkar liksom inte, det kan inte vara hälsosamt. Så – nu är det helt plötsligt fredag igen och jag sitter och sippar på min cola zero zero (dubbel zero utan koffein, älskar att det finns här!). Anyways, det var inte det jag skulle prata om. ;-) Nu är ju min härliga Edita här (Eddan som jag kallar henne) så nu har jag en hike-kompis som vill snacka bebis och graviditet lika mycket som jag haha! Hon har ju fött en liten kille för 8 veckor sedan så jag ska göra mig redo för bebisgos. Tills dess kör vi hike och idag följde lilla Alba med också. Hon sprang på och jag blir anfådd snabbt och Edita har precis gjort kejsarsnitt så vi var inte lika starka. ;-) Så mys med tjejhäng och hike iallafall, det kommer det bli mer av nu. <3 Dags för oss att åka och storhandla, vi brukar göra det på fredagar. Jag ska svänga förbi apoteket också och köpa på mig ammningsinlägg och bindor till efter förlossningen, känner att jag vill börja packa sjukhusväskan i helgen. MYS! PUSS <3

//Hey babes! Friday today again, doesn’t it feel like it was friday yesterday? Haha! I have a small “rule” for myself, and that is to only drink sodas during the weekend… When I’m in Spain I drink sodas every day otherwise and that’s just not ok, it can’t be good. So – now it’s all of a sudden friday again and I’m sitting here sipping on my coke zero zero (double zero without caffeine, love that they have it here!). Anyways, that was not what I was going to talk about. ;-) Now when my amazing girl Edita is here (Eddan as I like to call her) I have a hiking buddy that wants to talk about babies and pregnancy as much as I do haha! She gave birth to a little boy 8 weeks ago so I’m getting ready for baby cuddles. Until then we’re going for hikes and today little Alba joined us too. She ran around and I get out of breath easily and Edita just made a c-section so we weren’t as strong. ;-) So cozy with girl hang and hike anyhow, it will be more of that now. <3 Time for us to go and do a big grocery shopping, we usually do that on fridays. I will pass by the pharmacy as well and buy nursing pads and pads for after giving birth, I feel that I want to pack my hospital bag this weekend. COZY! HUGS <3

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Janni, here is a very useful video for packing a hospital bag. Good luck xxx

  • a says:

    sure if you just chill all day then sure it an feel like it is friday every day….for ppl who acutally work 5 days a week morning till evening we know exaclty when its friday and no it wont feel like friday was just yesterday because we can feel the tough week that he have now behind us.

    • janni says:

      Haha, I wish you could follow me along for a week and and then we can have this discussion, but I have nothing to prove to you. I also love when people comment with different names, have the same style of writing and most of the time just try to be “rude” to me (you know I can just click on IP-address, right?). Can I just please ask you why? :-) I’m sure you’re amazing at your job and that you had a really tough week – nice that it’s weekend soon and that you can hopefully relax. :-))

  • Anna says:

    Hej Janni!

    I would try to do this in Swedish, but my Swedish is not that good yet!
    I am (of course) a total fan of yours, I really like your blog (I could learn from it a lot still) and your vlogs as well! In your vlogs you mentioned that you talk about baby stuff a lot, but I really don’t mind! I think it is adorable and you are right to already be a proud mom! <3
    I recently moved to Sweden and will stay here for a while, and as for today, I actually visited Stockholm! What a great city! It is so nice and cozy, I really get why you like to come back there every now and then!
    I also have a (maybe a bit bold) proposal for you; I am a young photographer, and would love to work together with you as a Swedish public figure. And I thought that you would want more photos of you being pregnant? ;) Please consider working together. If you would like to know more about me, please let me know. I won't stop following you if you don't of course! ;)

    Lot's of love to you, Jon, and the little guy that keeps us curious,
    Tack så mycket och hej då!


    • penterunderage says:

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  • Carmelatte says:

    I love the fact you are still so fit!


  • ryan says:

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