Getting some baby time in before our little one is here! <3

Hej hjärtan! Hur har er helg varit? Vår har varit super, vi har fått mysa med bebis, vi har rensat varenda millimeter av vårt hus och garage, tvättat bil, varit och köpt gardiner osv. Vad händer med oss? Haha! Vi har haft en riktig fixarhelg och jag älskar det. :-) Vloggade en dag också så då får ni hänga med på bebis-gos och lite annat. Jon har ju nästan aldrig varit i närheten av bebisar så när han fick hålla och gosa med en så hade han uppnått mer än 100% av sin bebistid på en timme haha! Han kommer klara det galant när vår lilla pojke kommer, det är jag säker på. Inte långt kvar nu, nu går man bara och väntar… Hoppas ni gillar vloggen! Vi ska försöka sätta upp gardiner här hemma, we need your good lucks haha! PUSS <3

//Hey loves! How has your weekend been? Ours has been great, we’ve gotten to cuddle with a baby, we’ve cleaned out every cm of the house and garage, washed the car, bought curtains etc. What’s happening to us? Haha! We’ve had a proper fixing weekend and I love it. :-) I vlogged one day too so you get to come along for some baby cuddles and other things. Jon has almost never been around babies so when he got to hold and cuddle with one he reached more than 100% of his baby time in one hour haha! He will make it perfectly when our little boy is here, I’m sure of that. Not too long left now, we’re just waiting… Hope you like the vlog! We’re gonna try to put up curtains at home, we need your good lucks haha! HUGS <3

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  • Bianca says:

    Lucas is too cute!! The cutest blogger baby ever…
    Good luck and looking forward with much excitement to see your baby boy soon.

  • tony carroll says:

    Hejj Hejj Varldens basta!!! Du”” god morron Sondag Uk Och Frukost Med Janni&Jon toppen .. So its all Very Much on the go And not long at all now .. i was saying To Your siss Its been so so nice following Your Vlogs Jons too For many years But the psst Months they have been Chilled and a real enjoyable insight into Baby birth life Ive been feeling a big part of It too ..Like Giving Birth M.m Haha Having neer had Children I can only Guess How Excited You Both are But It Shows Each Vlog..Cant wait To see Jon Do a Nappie And take the Stroller out for a Spin>> And most of all That First Month Of helping mrs Deler Get over it ..But listen Wishing You all the best I hope that You will Bot keep us informed But We should realise that We Are Not the Priority Right Now Olsson Jnr is LOVE THE PORSCHE Overauls Brilliant Puss Och Kramar Tc Liverpool Uk xxxx

  • Anonymous says:

    Hvilken vogn velger dere?

  • Anonymous says:

    birth month is arriveddddddd yeahhhhhhh
    jon saying he wants his own is so cute <3 wish you the best time with the baby
    i have a question that occured to my mind as a future mom: how wuold you teach him about not felling ashamed of his body but at the same time about decency , have you ever thought of how to behave in detrminated situations, as: when he get older and he needs to go to bathroom while you are in the shower wuold it be ok, or you wuoldn't let him in, what are you thought on this ? is is ok if he sees you naked when he is like bigger (20 years old), or you wuold let only for when he still a baby?
    what' you approac for when he gets older ?
    i know that's a really delicate topic and a tabu for some people but i wuold like to ear your personal opinion as a young mom . thanks in advance.

  • Sophie says:

    Ska bli så kul att se lilla kotten snart. Fantastiskt vackra föräldrar är ni båda. ❤️

  • Klara says:

    Hej! Hoppas ni alla har en bra dag :D Jag säljer just nu ut massor av kläder och skor på Tradera. I all konsumtionshets vill jag uppmana om att vi inte behöver köpa nytt för att uppdatera garderoberna utan kan köpa second hand. Snällt för miljön och för plånboken! Har lagt ut märken som Spell & the Gypsy, One Teaspoon, Windsor Smith och Giuseppe Zanotti. Även oanvända kläder från Zara, Topshop, Asos och Nelly. Kolla gärna in mina annonser! :) https://www.tradera.com/profile/items/2958065/klara-872

  • Mireia says:

    This is too cute!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Elli says:

    Hej Janni,

    En sista fraga om brostforstoring… men ar det anatomiska inlagg du har eller runda?

    Tusen tusen tack! Stor kram!

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