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Janni Olsson Delér, a 28 year old girl from Stockholm, Sweden. I was born and raised in Stockholm but as soon as I could I started to travel around the world to explore it.

I’ve lived in London, Spain and now I live in Monaco since a few years back together with my husband Jon Olsson Delér. To explore different places in this beautiful world we live in is one of my favorite things to do in life. 

That’s how I started my blog, in 2013, I decided to create a blog where I could save all my trips so I could go back when I get older and also, share it with the world. It all started with Instagram, but I felt pretty quickly that it wasn’t enough for me. 

I’ve gained a huge interest in photography during my blog career, I wasn’t interested in it before but now I love to edit pictures and find beautiful places to shoot.


Fashion is also a big part of my life, and has always been. Since I was little I’ve been trying different styles and colors and always cared about what I’m wearing. It’s also something I would love to work more with in the future, to have my own brand with my own designs is one of my goals in life. I’ve done a few design collaborations and that’s how I figured out what I want to do. I love to create something that becomes reality. 

It all went pretty quick for me and my blog, and I’m glad I decided to start it. It’s been a complete change in my life and I love every second of it!


Design collaborations:

New Years Eve collection for

Handbag, passport cover and wallet designs for KL Sweden

Clothing collection for


Calvin Klein





River Island




Gina Tricot


Veckorevyn x2 (pictures)


Nelly Epic Spring

Nelly Icons, Mexico



Fångarna på fortet (swedish TV-show)


Newcomer of the year, Finest Awards


Fashion blog of the year, Vecko Revyn blog awards

Newcomer of the year, Veckorevyn blog awards

Lifstyle blogger of the year, Veckorevyn blog awards

Fashion blog of the year, Finest awards

The chicest blogger of the year, Chic Gala