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Rut&Circle jacket (here! -adlink)/ Shirt from Spain/ Nly jeans (here! -adlink)/ Chicwish bag/ Isabel Marant

En liten “vinter-outfit” kommer här, några av er har frågat om det. :-) Har ju mest blivit sommarkläder senaste tiden, men nu när jag är hemma så måste man ju klä sig lite annorlunda… Gjorde om klänningen jag hittade i Spanien till en längre tröja, så sjukt varm och skön. Idag har jag som sagt varit och spelat in en video och sen har jag bara suttit på kontoret. Älskar att hänga på kontoret, vi har alltid så kul! Nu ska jag ta en kaffe och pausa lite, kommer se fyrkantigt snart (för mycket datortid). Hoppas ni har en grym fredag, puss! <3

//A “winter outfit” finally, some of you have asked for it. :-) It’s been mostly summer clothes here lately, but now when I’m back home I need to dress a bit different… I made this dress I found in Spain to a longer shirt, so warm and cozy. Today I’ve been shooting a video as I said and then I’ve just been at the office. Love to hang out at the office, we always have so much fun! Time for a coffee and a break, my eyes will be squared shaped soon (too much computer). Hope you guys have an awesome friday, hugs! <3

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  • kristina says:

    May I ask you what do you do? What is your job… cause u always travel so much and u never write (or i havent noticed)what you do.. thanks a lot

  • Andrea says:

    The upper part looks amazing, just don’t think the shoes go with the rest of the outfit.

  • clara says:

    Hej! vad har du för storlek i din jacka?

  • Ida says:

    Hej janni!
    Jag och en vän har beställt två av dina ursnygga väskor från klsweden för jätte länge sedan men inte fått dom än och jag har mailat 3 gånger utan svar:( fyller år på fredag så skulle verkligen vilka ha den tills dess, vet du hur man gör?

  • Linnea says:

    Så snyggt :)

  • frida says:

    hej janni! tack för en underbar blogg, läser den varje dag! en snabb fråga bara, var bode ni när ni var på ibiza? såg härligt ut utan att vara för mycket fokus på fest, något tips på hotell annars?

    TUSEN tack!!!

  • antonia says:

    janni i need your help :) i dont know anyone else to ask since i only “know” you and a girl from germany who moved to sweden almost a year ago. i wanted to suprise her and send her some german food which is not available in sweden. everytime i skipe with her she says she miss german food and the chocolate :D but i dont want to ask her too specific what is available in sweden and what not because i dont want her to suspect something :D
    so my question is: do you have chocolate from milka, ritter sport, ferrero (raffaelo, bueno…etc) at the supermarket? or only marabou? :)

    btw everyone who is living in sweden and reads this is welcome to answer :)
    thank you :-*

    • clara says:

      We have Milka in sweden to :)

    • Janni says:

      Hey sweetheart! Let me think, I know we have Milka here, I think also Ritter Sport (I’ve seen it before) but not in too many places right now. Ferrero Rocher (the chocolate balls) we have here as well. :-) The other ones I’m not sure, don’t have the best knowledge about german food and chocolate but this is my answer about the ones you asked about. Anyhow I think she would be happy to get a package with that even though they sell it here. ;-) Hugs!

      • antonia says:

        Thank yooou so much <3 i will just pack some of her favourites from lindt and ferrero (giotto, raffaelo and bueno) and ofc some other more healthy german foods she dont get in sweden <3 <3 btw otherwise she loves sweden and thats why i want to move there soo badly. she says the people are soooo sooo soo much nicer and some buildings are like art.

  • Sophia says:

    Love this outfit, specially the fur :)

  • caroline says:

    Kan inte du visa i en video eller något på hur du stylar ditt hår? Till vardag alltså. Vilka produkter du andvänder osv? :)

  • Robyn says:

    Thank you for posting a winter outfit! Absolutely love it :) It can be hard to find cute clothes when it’s cold haha, but you killed it! :D

  • Olivia Buhl says:

    Hello Janni. I love your blog, it give me a lot of inspiration :) I love your bag, do you have a link for it? (Look like Proenza)

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