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20:43 | April 7, 2019


Hej hjärtan! Hoppas ni haft en fin helg. <3 Jag tog faktiskt helgen helt off. Har inte ens öppnat mailen. Skönt! Man behöver såna helger ibland. :-) Jag startade helgen med en prommis, Monaco bjöd på blå himmel och härlig temperatur.

//Hey loves! Hope you’ve had a great weekend. <3 I actually took the weekend completely off. I haven’t even opened my email. Nice! You need weekends like that sometimes. :-) I started the weekend with a walk, Monaco gave us blue sky and a nice temperature.

Kom hem och fick VÄRLDENS BÄSTA PRESENT från världens bästa syster!! <3 Om man känner mig så vet man att naturgodis är min svaghet (äter alltid det när jag kommer till Sverige) och svenska tuggummin är ett beroende jag har… Jag brukar alltid köpa med mig massor men det tar slut lika snabbt. ;-) Tack tack tack syster, jag har ätit naturgodis hela helgen. :-))

//Got back home and got the BEST GIFT IN THE WORLD from the best sister in the world!! <3 If you know me you know that this kind of candy is my weak spot (I always eat it when I’m in Sweden) and swedish chewing gum is an addiction I have… I usually always buy a lot with me but I finish it just as fast. ;-) Thanks thanks thanks sis, I’ve been eating this candy all weekend. :-))

Jag hade lunchdate på Stars N’ Bars – matchade den sportiga baren med min sportiga tröja. ;-) Får alltid så många frågor om den tröjan, den kommer från Designers Remix men är ganska gammal.

//I had a lunch date at Stars N’ Bars – I matched the sporty bar with my sporty sweater. ;-) I always get so many questions about this sweater, it’s from Designers Remix but pretty old.

Stars N’ Bars ligger i hamnen i Monaco och deras meny har en hel sida med veganska rätter! Det finns tacos, sallader, burgare, pasta, nachos osv som är veganskt. :-) Jag åt en buddha bowl med hummus och guacamole, sen delade vi på en vegan nacho-tallrik med guaca. Yum!

//Stars N’ Bars is located in the port in Monaco and their menu have a full side with vegan dishes! They have tacos, salads, burgers, pasta, nachos etc that are vegan. :-) I had a buddha bowl with hummus and guacamole, then we shared a vegan nacho plate with guaca. Yum!

Min lunchdate var Jon. <3 Han åt en linsgryta med ris, riktigt smarrig också! Mysigt att hänga med min älskling, min favvo!

//My lunch date was Jon. <3 He had a lentil curry with rice, it was really good too! Cozy to hang out with my love, my fave!

Legat här en del i helgen och kollat serier. :-) Vädret var lite halvbra idag så det har blivit några filmer. Kollade Mean Girls idag, älskar den filmen haha!

//I’ve been laying here a bit this weekend watching movies. :-) The weather wasn’t great today so we’ve watched a few movies. Watched Mean Girls today, love that movie haha!

När vädret sprack upp lite igen blev det pilates med Madde! Älskar det så mycket, det är verkligen det bästa min kropp vet. Skön och lugn helg har det varit, välbehövligt. :-) Hörs imorgon hjärtan, ha en fin kväll. Kärlek! <3

//When the weather cleared up a bit we did pilates with Madde! I love it so much, it’s truly the best thing my body knows. It’s been a chill and nice weekend, very needed. :-) Talk tomorrow loves, have a great night. Love! <3

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  • lol. and then you say you work so much. you take weeks and days off so so so often in the last months. going on trips where you dont open your pc/e-mail (like now you just been away in costa rica for around 3 weeks or so) then you had riley and michaela there and was off during the week and now the weekend. yeah you truly work so hard….

  • lol soooooo true

  • Think twice before writing a comment like that, you have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes or how much I work. Remember I only show a tiny bit of my life here and I don’t really need to prove how much I work. ;-) Hugs!

  • Right. Blogging is a little bit special full-time job from morning till night. You have to learn different subjects non stop. And from time to time you should do that other people don’t want doing to get a wonderful result. And Janni is not blogger only. She really works hard. Sorry for my English))

  • I love these weekend posts! Looks like you had a great one! Xoxo

  • Thanks babe, I’m glad you like them! <3

  • Alltså naturgodiset, I feel ya girl hahaha! Drömmen att få det av din syster, hon känner dig. ;) Jag har oxå ätit det hela helgen, hahaha! Stor kram!

  • Hahaha! Älskar det för mycket. ;-) Kram!

  • weird that Extra chewing gum isn’t available in France!? I love that one, too ;)

  • Not the same taste. :-((( Haha! Xx

  • Ååh låter som en perfekt helg! Du o Jon borde se serien ”störst av allt”!

  • Åh har hört så mycket om den, undrar om jag kan se det i något annat land än Sverige… Kram!

  • Wow, that looks really nice Janni! <3
    Love, Sandra /

  • Hey Janni! What is the name of palm tree that you have in your flat in Monaco?

  • It’s called Stralizia, not sure how to spell it though haha! Xx