Strolling around in the port, shooting an outfit and checking out the stores!

Igår strosade vi runt i hamnen och kollade in alla affärer, vissa butiker har helt sjuka kläder och precis lika sjuka prislappar. Igår kom jag fram till att det är dags att ta tag i mitt egna klädmärke, då kan jag helt enkelt designa kläderna som jag själv vill ha haha! ;-) Jon var min stylist igår, Mass fotade och Jon fixade håret, ni skulle sett hur folk kollade! Knallblå himmel idag igen, vill bara flytta hit på heltid… Puss, hörs ikväll! <3

//Yesterday we went for a walk in the port and checked out the stores, some stores have really crazy stuff and the price tag is just as crazy. Yesterday I decided that it’s time for me to start looking into starting my own brand, then I can finally create the pieces I want to wear haha! ;-) Jon ended up to be my stylist, Mass was in charge of the camera and Jon did my hair, so funny to see how everyone around was looking at us! Blue sky and super sunny today again, just want to move here and stay forever… Hugs, talk to you tonight! <3

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