From a breakfast at my favorite place, Passion in Ibiza.

God morgon! Idag har vi laddat med mega-frulle, vi ska upp på berget hela dagen och man blir så otroligt hungrig där uppe. Man är på ganska hög höjd vilket gör att det känns som jag har ett stort hål i magen efter en timme haha! Vi var och handlade igår och jag blev väldigt imponerad, det fanns stora hyllor med superfoods och massa organic grönsaker. Här kommer bilder från en frukost vi åt på Ibiza, acai-bowl och avokado mackor med juicer. Kanske kan hitta ett liknande ställe här, hoppas på det. :-) Ha en grym dag så hoppas jag på att vi får till lite skidbilder idag! Puss. <3

//Good morning! Today we prepared with a mega-breakfast, we’re going up on the mountain all day and that makes you so hungry. We will be on a pretty high altitude and that always makes my stomach feel like a big hole after one hour haha! We went grocery shopping yesterday and I got so impressed, big shelfs with superfoods and lots of organic vegetables. Here’s a few pics from a breakfast we had in Ibiza, acai-bowl and avocado sandwiches with juice. Maybe we can find a similar place here, hope so. :-) Have a great day and hopefully I will have some ski-pics from today! Hugs. <3

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  • Laura says:

    Heeeej :) kan inte du skriva ett inlägg med tips från Bali? Ska dit dec/jan! Ha det toppen!

    • Janni says:

      JO, det ska jag inte glömma!! Påminn mig igen om det inte kommer upp om ett tag. ;-) Kram!

  • Sussi says:

    Men vad lyxigt.

  • Härliga bilder! :D Älskar frukost ! Olika juicer osv! SÅ GOTT ! Ha en fin resa, KRAM

  • laura says:

    Hi darling.
    I’m an old reader from your blog (I write u sometimes ^^). Love your blog and instagram!! ok so let’s go… I have a question (so personal…I’m ashamed) but I’m confident it will not bother u. In other case I apologize for making the question!! I’m doing my cheast in december, and I read u did as well. My question is, wich size cc u have, and it it’s round shape, and the profile. I go for a 310cc, round and moderate perfil, but I want to be sure. I love your natural result ^^ So thanks for eveything, and really sorry if it’s disspoint u. huge kiss from Barcelona. @ladylaufit

    • Janni says:

      Hey sweetie, and thanks for your sweet words. It all depends on your own body so tell your doctor how you want and what you expect and he will tell you what to go for. You can’t really compare to someone else since we all have different bodies. :-) Good luck and big hug! <3

  • OOO! vad fina bilder! ser härligt ut!

  • Stefanie Fröschl says:

    Dear Janni, first of all I love your Blog :)
    I have seen that you are in Innsbruck right now, I live there so I can give you some tips. If you are searching for a good breakfast place I can reccomand “Cafe Crumble” it is a really cute litte Cafe/ Breakfast place with all organic and selfmade food. The “Breakfastclub” is also a nice place to go – but it is not that healthy, just so you know ;)
    Enjoy your stay in the most beautiful scenery
    Greetings Steffi

    • Janni says:

      Hey sweetie, and thanks a lot for you tips!! We leave super early every morning to the mountain but I will for sure try to have time to test it one day. :-) Big hug!

  • Shari Elena says:

    Hello Jani, I’m Shari Elena from Cologne ( Germany ) and started my adventure as a blogger a few weeks ago. I found your blog on Instagram and I’m a big fan of you. Of course you are a little idol for me. Me and my boyfriend we decided to rest our holiday at ibiza next year and I wanted to ask you if you can recommend a good hotel? If you are interested in checking out my site – please just let me know – when you did- and how you like it. For this you can send me an email. Look forward to hearing from you. With kind regards – S.E ♡

    • Janni says:

      Hey sweetie! How fun to hear, makes me happy. :-) Last time we stayed at Hard Rock Hotel, it was great! Hugs <3

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