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10:33 | January 31, 2015


janni-deler-home-workoutDSC_0222 janni-deler-home-workoutDSC_0233 janni-deler-home-workoutDSC_0238

So easy to workout at home, would love to have it in my apartment haha!

God morgon, kickstartade den här lördagen! Har verkligen haft svårt att få in en rutin på träningen senaste tiden, har försökt komma tillbaka men får kämpa. Antar att alla har sina ups and downs, har inte haft energi över. Fast som vi alla vet, man får mer energi av att träna så det är bara bita ihop och köra. ;-) Vi slocknade ju i soffan hos pappa igårkväll såklart, så vi sov över. Vaknade supertidigt idag igen, mailade och käkade frulle och sen lånade jag kläder av pappa och körde ett pass. Haha, snyggaste träningsoutfiten hittills va? ;-) Vad gör man inte! Körde 4 övningar ben och 5 varv, behöver inte vara svårare än så. Sen lite hopprep och stretching! Snart ska jag bruncha med Klara, hörs sen. <3

//Good morning, kick started this saturday! Have had a hard time getting my training routine going lately, I’ve tried to get back but I really have to fight for it. Guess everyone have their ups and downs, I haven’t had the energy for it. But as we all know, you get more energy by training so I just have to do it. ;-) We fell asleep at the couch at my dad’s yesterday, so we stayed the night. Woke up super early this morning again, emailed and had breakfast and then borrowed some clothes from my dad and worked out. Haha, nicest workout outfit so far, right? ;-) What to do! Did 4 leg exercises and 5 rounds, don’t need to be more complicated than that. And then some jumping rope and stretching! Soon I’m heading to brunch with Klara, talk soon. <3

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8 kommentarer om “HOME WORKOUT”

    Really cool to have a gym in the apartment! Then it’s a lot easier to go for a workout ;-)


    Working out at home is so convenient!
    I love doing it aswell when I am in Germany and it’s cold outside.
    But currently I am in Capetown and I can go for a run by the beach ;)


    Att ha ett gym hemma skulle underlätta så otroligt mycket :)


    wow you are so beautiful!!! my god you are probably completely without any make-up in this pic and you look sooo soo soo stunning!!!! wow janni! <3


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