Protein bomb or just meze for lunch, I went for the protein bomb.. With extra hummus!

Blir ganska mycket mat här nu känns det som… Gör inte så mycket annat än jobbar och äter, svårt att driva en rolig blogg med fina bilder just nu. ;-) Jag försöker göra mitt bästa, så här kommer ett till mattips! Babel Deli, hur har jag kunnat missa det? Vi körde dejt där förra veckan, Rampan var glad för det haha! Jag och Rampan har mycket kul på gång nu, berättar mer om det snart. Tillbaka till maten, det fanns allt jag älskar! Man kunde blanda sin egen tallrik eller beställa färdiga, jag körde på protein bomb med extra hummus. Är så svag för hummus och den här var grym! Tror det blir ett till besök där i veckan, inredningen var supermysig också. Vad äter ni för gott till lunch idag? <3

//Pretty much food here lately… Don’t do a lot of things except working and eating, pretty hard to run a fun blog with nice pictures at the moment. ;-) I try my best, so here’s another food tip! Babel Deli, how could I have missed this? We went for a date there last week, Rampan was pretty happy about that haha! Me and Rampan have a lot of fun things ahead of us now, will tell you more soon. Back to the food, they had everything I love! You could mix your own plate or order dishes, I went for the protein bomb with extra hummus. I’m so weak when it comes to hummus and this one was perfect! Think there will be another visit there during the week, the interior was so cozy too. What are you having for lunch today? <3

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  • antonia says:

    to be honest, the other plate towards you looks like it has more hummus then you have on yours although you went for extra hummus haha ;) but looks really good, a place i would love to have in germany <3

  • Looks SO tasty !
    Really cool picture of Rami :D
    Love, L

  • Linnea says:

    Åh vad gott det ser ut :)

  • Rikki says:

    Can you have another Q&A video soon:)?

    • Janni says:

      I always reply to your questions here so to be honest it felt a bit unnecessary the last time. But maybe in the future! :-)

  • will james says:

    hey good one

  • jace829 says:

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