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BikBok glasses/ Old jacket/ Maison Scotch bag/ IvyRevel top (here!) and pants (here!)/ Nelly shoes (here!)

Såhär har jag gått runt typ hela veckan, på riktigt. Världens mysigaste mjukis-set! Gillar att det är ljusblått, ni vet ju hur mycket jag gillar färg… Haha! ;-) När jag packade hit till Österrike tog jag nästan bara med mig mjukiskläder, så ni inte förväntar er några outfits de här dagarna. Skidlooks kanske, men inget annat! ;-) Fabian är här och kommer fota massor i backen, jag tar inte med mig kameran ut så får hetsa honom om lite bilder så jag kan visa er hur vi har det här ute haha! Dags för after ski, hörs ikväll! <3

//This is how I’ve been walking around all week, for real. The most comfy set ever! I like that it’s light blue, you guys know how much I like colors… Haha! ;-) When I packed my bag for this trip to Austria I almost just brought cozy stuff, so don’t expect any outfits from these days. Ski-looks maybe, but nothing else! ;-) Fabian is here and will shoot a lot of pics on the slope, I won’t bring my camera so I will force him to give me some pics so I can show you how it is up here haha! Time for apres ski, talk tonight! <3

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  • Chrystin says:

    Seeing you and Kenza wearing those tracksuits makes me want one so badly! I was planning on getting the black one, but you might have me sold on the light blue! I was afraid the light blue would look too much like pajamas, but I think you rock that in the street! xx

  • Janine says:

    I love comfy outfits!
    The combination with the jacket absolutely rocks and your “messy” waves totally match the look!

  • ISA says:

    Mysigt och skönt, det är så det ska va på skidsemester juu!

  • Netti says:

    Vilket snyggt set som du klär upp så snyggt :-D

  • daniela says:

    har nyss börjat följa din blogg, men stormgillar den redan massor! Tror den kommer att bli en av mina favoritbloggar :)

  • Leta says:

    Looks very comfy!

    Fashion blogger, freelance stylist and photographer, interior designer, photo model and music production student. Check out my fashion blog Great and big things are coming!

  • Lovely outfit !
    It looks so cozy !
    Love, L

  • antonia says:

    look sooo cozyy, i think ivyrevel is a bot expensive though…nelly is much affordable i mean for example for sweatpants you normaly dont have to pay so much unless its puma/nike and so on…but its a really nice colour..aah i am thinking back and forth if i should order it…
    do you wear S or XS? <3

    • Janni says:

      Maybe a bit more expensive, so I know what you mean. But it’s so comfy! ;-) I wear size S in pants and XS in the jacket, but I would go for XS in pants as well since they’re a bit too big after I’ve used them. A bit too much haha! Hugs <3

  • Linnea says:

    Setet ser så skönt ut! Färgen är så härlig också :)

  • kristina says:

    Dont get me wrong i ADORE YOU and your blog especially your outfits:))) every single one of them I love and sometimes but the same clothes :P but it was just doesnt work for me… I know everybody has different taste but this looks like pyjamas and it s super expensive… even if i was rich i would not have buy it because it is overprized. I love the jacket and shoees soo much!!!. How long have u been skiing for? enjoy austria it is awesome!

    • kristina says:

      sorry for some mistakes :D doing many things . 1.I love and sometimes buy
      2. but it doesnt work for me

    • Janni says:

      Haha that’s the fun thing about fashion, you can’t like it all. ;-) This was not my usual outfit, more a “chill” look since I was sick. :-) Hugs sweetie! <3

  • Marjolein says:

    Hi Janni!
    I love your blog, and i adore your necklace! Could you tell me where it’s from? Been searching for something like that for a while now! Would be great if you could tell me :)
    Keep up the lovely work! Enjoying the blog every day :)


    • Janni says:

      I designed it myself and got it made here in Sweden! Just try to google around, I’m sure you’ll find a similar one. :-) Thanks a lot sweetie, big hug!

  • I love your style and this simple look is great on you. Looks cozy and comfy. I lover the color.

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