Vlog from one day in the Hamptons with Revolve <3 Find links to everything I’m wearing under the video (here!)!

Hello från Stockholm! Vi kom fram i eftermiddags och åkte direkt hem till min farmor där vi fick träffa alla, min syster och kidsen bland annat! Självklart är det första stoppet. :-) Har saknat dom så mycket på bara några dagar och det första jag fick göra var att dansa med Livia, haha! Vad gör man inte efter en lång resa för dom små sötnosarna. ;-) Här är en vlogg från Hamptons iallafall, som alltid tycker jag att det är lättare att visa genom video. Vilken resa det har varit, wow! Alla härliga människor vi har fått hänga med, allt vi har fått uppleva, alla skrattattacker och alla fina kläder vi har haft på oss. Drömresa! TACK Revolve för ytterligare en underbar resa med minnen för livet. <3 Nu är vi helt slut så ikväll blir det nog naturgodis och netflix – drömkväll det också. ;-) PUSS, hoppas ni gillar videon. <3

//Hello from Stockholm! We arrived this afternoon and went straight to my grandma where we got to see everyone, my sister and the kids for example! Of course that was the first stop. :-) I’ve missed them so much after only a few days and the first thing I got to do was dancing with Livia haha! Is there anything in the world you wouldn’t do for those cuties even after a long trip? ;-) Here’s a vlog from the Hamptons anyhow, as always I think it’s easier to show it through video. What a trip it’s been, wow! All the amazing people we’ve met, everything we got to experience, all the big laughs and all the nice clothes we’ve been wearing. Dream trip! THANKS Revolve for another amazing trip with memories for life. <3 Now we’re so exhausted so tonight I think we’re going for candy and netflix – dream night that too. ;-) HUGS, hope you like the video. <3

Sponsored trip by Revolve.

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  • Ellie says:

    Great Vlog!<3 Want to go to the Hamptons once…<3

  • Anonym says:

    Har ni redan börjat planera på eran nya hus, eftersom ni säljer den? Och har ni länge tänkt på att sälja den, hoppas du svarar<3<3

    • janni says:

      Vi har inte planerat så mycket, utan vet mer vad vi är ute efter! :-) Inte tänkt så länge på det, utan det blev mer ett ganska snabbt beslut haha! Kram!

  • Siri says:

    Assåååå lyxliv:/ Härlig video!

  • Alex says:

    Why does Revolve invite you to these events in the Hamptons and Turks & Caicos?
    Is it just to make you show clothes in your social media channels and report from
    the different locations or what?
    In that case wouldn’t it be appropriate with some sponsorship and embedded advertising
    identification when you post these reports?

    • Lisa says:

      You’re so right… I bet she doesn’t even know she’s breaking the laws by doing so…

    • janni says:

      They do it to shoot content for their channels, and of course they hope that we will share some of it too! I love working with them and I always write if it’s a paid post/collaboration. I am always proud of my collaborations so I have nothing to hide! :-) Xx

  • Liena Snow says:

    I am looking forward to watching this vlog so much.
    Your videos are so amazing. Love your personality.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Much love xx

  • Liena Snow says:

    I am looking forward to watching this vlog so much.
    Your videos are so amazing. Love your personality.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Lots of love xx

  • Marte says:

    Hei Janni :)

    Håper du forstår noe norsk. Elsker virkelig dine vlogs og din blogg! Kan du fortelle meg hvor du har kjøpt ditt bord der du sitter og arbeider i Monaco? Jeg har sett det i den her vloggen og det er helt perfekt!

  • Effie says:

    I love everything you do really <3 except the sponsored trips with other bloggers …. it's too shallow :( I just think I will stop watching them rather than criticising as I don't like doing that but I felt like saying how I felt about these kind of videos :) but I guess there is for everyone here and that's why it works so well for you '! Looking forward to vlogs with sports visits and Marbella xxxx

  • If you’re in NY during the summer months… no visit is complete without a stay in the Hamptons.

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