A video of everything I pack with me to the hospital. :-)

Hej hjärtan! <3 Hoppas ni har en fin morgon. Vi har precis poddat och nu ska min farmor och hennes man komma förbi på en fika innan dom ska åka tillbaka till sitt hus i Alicante. Dom brukar köra hit och hälsa på i några dagar när dom är där, så mysigt. :-) Jag skrev ju ett inlägg igår med min packlista för sjukhusväskan, och jag filmade faktiskt det också så här kommer videon om ni vill se det i rörligt format. ;-) Jag har nog bestämt mig för att lämna mina fluffiga tofflor hemma då många skrev att såna bara samlar på sig massa bakterier, så det får bli ett par som jag kan slänga efteråt istället haha! Hoppas ni gillar videon och jag måste bara säga – tack för alla tips! Ni är bäst. <3 PUSS!

//Hey loves! <3 Hope you’re having a great morning. We’ve just recorded a podcast episode and now my grandma and her man will come by for a coffee before they’re going back to their house in Alicante. They usually drive here to visit for a few days when they’re there, so cozy. :-) I wrote a post yesterday with my packing list for my hospital bag, and I actually filmed it as well so here it is if you want to see it in video format. ;-) I’ve decided to leave my fluffy slippers at home since a lot of people said that they will just collect a lot of bacteria, so I will bring a pair that I can throw away afterwards instead haha! Hope you like the video and I just have to say – thanks for all your tips! You’re the best. <3 HUGS!

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  • Netti Starby says:

    Det är ett klokt val angående tofflorna och så mysigt att ni får besök! <3

  • Mireia says:

    I wish you the best!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Jaana says:

    I gave birth at week 37+4, so i was really happy that my bag was packed and ready to go. Really good video.

  • Sara says:

    Sounds like you have everything under control! Maybe bring earplugs? But please don’t bring nuts to the hospital due to people (and kids) with nut allergies. :)

  • Maike says:

    In most hospitals you get baby clothes during the stay (it can happen that your own baby clothes can get lost in the hospitals laundry, so they recommend to use their clothes) – in that case you just need to bring your own baby clothes when you leave

    You gonna sweat especially when you start breastfeeding – also bring some lighter clothes like comfy shorts

    Wet wipes – so you can feel fresh all day ;-)

    Whishing you all the best for the birth of your little baby, Janni. You go girl :-)

  • Anonymous says:

    Where did you buy the new confy outfit, it loos so great?
    All the best :)

  • J says:

    Hej! Stort grattis till kommande bebis :) Jag har själv en snart 4mån kille här hemma. Ett litet tips efter jag lyssnat på er podd idag – muslinfiltar! Såå mjuka och perfekt i ert lite varmare klimat och som snuttefiltar. Typ det enda jag använder hemma, kan inte ha för många.
    Sen ytterligare ett tips på youtube-klipp: Jon (i all välmening) verkar inte superinsatt i barnafödande. Skulle vara sjukt kul att filma hans reaktion när han tittar på andra youtubers förlossningsvideor :)
    Kram och lycka till med allt!

  • Agnes says:

    I just watched your video.
    I must admit you should take much more baby diapers hehe.
    And well it is nice to have diapers for you too atleast 2 because if ur water breaks u will make car all wet while getting to the hospital and u can not control it :D ( i myself felt like fountain and had feeling im flooding the carseat)

    Was funny about brushing nipples with toothpaste lol dont think u need do it.

    I dont know if in Spain they give baby beds with warm blankets, if not better to take warmer blanket as they need get warm in first days as their termoregulation does not work yet.

    I wonder if u plan to do epidural?

    Im 30 and have given 3 births – 2 with epidural and one without.. so if i ever would give birth again with epidural only :D lol

    Wish you to be strong and the birth go well as you have planned it :)
    Giving birth is most beautiful thing ever, enjoy it!

  • Katrine says:

    Anbefaler å ta med flipflop / sandaler i gummi som du kan bruke i dusjen, evt andre sandaler du kan bruke ellers på sykehuset som er lette å ta på!😊

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Janni, I just saw this video and wanted to give some recommendations.
    I had brought 3 body’s as well, but needed more so had to send out my husband to buy more.
    Are you bringing any shirts voor the baby? Baby’s spill a lot of milk so if you don’t bring any shirts you will definitely need more body’s!
    Here in Belgium the baby’s wear mittens as well so that they can’t scratch their cute little face with their sharp nails.
    I also recommend a night gown that has buttons all the way down to give birth in if you don’t get the hospital gown. You will feel a little more covered up and then when you’re baby arrives you can simply open some buttons for the skin on skin and first attempt at breastfeeding. Also if you are a light sleeper think about bringing an eye mask because hospital curtains are usually not the best in blocking out the light when you want to sleep or nap during the day.

    Hope this was helpfull, good luck! xxx

  • maria says:

    Janni can you please tell where did you get this slippers ? they are awesome !!! :)

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