Cozy dinner in the port in Marbella town, amazing food and view!

Tidigare i veckan åt vi en helt underbar middag på en restaurang i hamnen i Marbella. Kommer TYVÄRR inte ihåg namnet på den men man gick upp en trappa och det var precis innan gatan i hamnen. :-) Allt smakade fantastiskt och jag åt min favorit, fisk haha! Utsikten var magisk och vi såg solnedgången när vi satt och åt, älskar det. Nu har vi precis grillat här hemma och ska nog kolla en film snart, myskväll! Puss på er <3

//Earlier this week we had an amazing dinner in the port in Marbella. Unfortunately I dont remember the name of the restaurant but you walked up a stair and it was right before the street in the port. :-) Everything tasted amazing and I had my favorite, fish haha! The view was magic and we got to see the sunset while we ate, love that. Now we just had some barbecue at home and I guess its movie time, cozy night in! Hugs babes <3

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  • Maiki Awe says:

    Hey Janni,
    I wrote you on Facebook few weeks ago but I don’t think you got it there. It’s awesome to follow your blog, I really love it! We have a lot in common and you are traveling to the same places I do. Especially Innsbruck and Marbella are places I visit regularly.
    Will you be in Marbella in the end of March?
    My boyfriend and I will visit a good friend of ours and since he always follows Jons webpage and I follow yours, we would really love to meet you. Maybe have a dinner together or a cocktail. Would be a super surprising birthday gift for my boyfriend to invite him for a drink with the two of you!
    We both live in Düsseldorf and study medicine here- sounds quite boring compared to you but we do also somehow manage to travel a lot! And I have my very great fitness and wellness places here with a great coach. I love preparing great food and enjoying special moments I think we got lots in common!
    I guess you would like Düsseldorf (if you haven’t been here yet) because its the so called “fashion capital” of Germany (if you come here I could give you some nice advices for really good food, fitness places nightlife and places to be or see:) )
    Thank you so much for all the great pictures and inspirations! I am glad that you started working out again and I bet you will not regret it at all
    Cheers from Germany

    • Janni says:

      Hey sweetie! I don’t know yet, but shoot me an email if you see on my blog that I’m there! Then we can for sure meet up! :D

  • Especially Innsbruck and Marbella are places I visit regularly.
    Will you be in Marbella in the end of March?

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