Great morning yesterday, yoga and breakfast at Sturebadet! (last pic super blurry but it was the only one with me and Ida…)

God morgon! Till att börja med, vilken otrolig respons på kläderna!!! Alltså ni är ju bäst, blir så otroligt glad och lycklig när jag läser era kommentarer. Efter så mycket slit och stress känns det underbart att höra att ni gillar det. <3 PUSS på er allihopa! Igår började vi dagen med Casall där vi körde yoga och sen frukost på sturebadet, bästa starten på dagen. Idag är det jag som bjuder in till frukost hemma i min lilla etta, ska bli riktigt smarrigt så hoppas tjejerna kommer snart. Vaknade upp så lycklig idag, ni är för goa. Hörs sen, puss och kram!

//Good morning! To start with, what a crazy response of my clothes!!! You’re the best, I get so incredibly happy when I read your comments. After a lot of work and stress it just feels amazing to hear that you like it. <3 Big KISS to all of you! Yesterday we started the day with Casall and a yoga session and then breakfast at Sturebadet, the best way to start the day. Today I invite the girls for breakfast in my tiny apartment, can’t wait to dig in so I hope the girls will arrive soon. Woke up super happy today, you’re just too good. Talk to you soon, kisses and hugs!

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  • Cristin says:

    Hej Janni!

    En fråga bara… Haha. Hur får du plats med alla dina kläder i en etta? Jag får knappt plats. Har du tips så dela gärna med dig ;)

  • Marie says:

    Hej Janni! Kunde inte kommentera på ditt inlägg om din kollektion det blev bara error. Men WOW vilken smakfull kollektion! Långklänningen var perfektion

    • Marie says:

      Kommentarsfältet verkar strula, fick inte med hela texten nu? Varför gjordes inte långklänningen i XS? Tror S kan vara för stor för mig. Hur som helst, sjukt fin kollektion

    • Janni says:

      TACK fina du, vad glad jag blir!! <3

  • ISA says:

    Vad härligt du verkar ha det nu, lyx och mys med frukost med tjejerna! så kul att få följa dig <3

  • Karolina says:

    oh you are too sweet. i get so happy when i read that you are happy and that you appreciate the feedback <3 i am so glad we all here are (mostly) so nice to each other and support us. and you deserve the postive feedback soo much because the collection is really soo soo awesome and i cant wait for my 2 pieces that i orderd <3

    hope you had a cozy morning. who or how many girls did you invite in your smal flat hehe?

    • Janni says:

      Thanks a lot sweetheart, you’re too sweet! <3 Haha, we ended up being 6 people. Tight but cozy! Hugs!

  • Linnea says:

    Det där såg så underbart ut. Maten såg god ut och det verkade vara en mysig atmosfär. :)

  • fabi says:

    congrats janni for your collection, i think you did a pretty okay job, nothing special but simple things are always a good choice especially for a very first collection like you did. hopefully not your last one so you can improve and get better and better.
    however it seems like more and more bloggers design their own stuff in collaboration with a store or brand. kenza and roxy with jofama, fanny, hanna and rebecca with nelly, sandy s. with imso, ….just to name a few. maybe you should get some tips from jon as he seems to be the master for doing things no one else did before (quote: if everyone can have it – i dont want it)

    would be fun if you could tell us some more about how this whole idea came up, first steps, further procedure, how long it took and so on…

    you can be proud of yourself and im confident that there is much more to come since i think you have the right sense of fashion for doing this. keep working hard and good luck


    • Karolina says:

      i think it your comment is outrageous. just imagine one of your dreams would come true and you put a lot of hard work in it and someone says its a ok nothing special. i mean if THIS is your opinion, fine. but then keep it to yourself. i think it is pretty special and different. maybe the suit is an all time favourite piece you see often but the 2 dresses are very unique in their details…the back of the long dress and the feather skirt from the short dress for example!!!!! just saying…

      but with one thing i agree it would really be interessting to know how everything started and to know a bit about the procedure. :) but first i am looking forward to some pics from morocco :) <3

      • Fabienne says:

        I didnt say its ugly neither did i say its beautiful. And i also didnt diss her collection or her work hard behind it. Its my option – and no one has to agree with it. An all black collection is nothing special to me, nothing outstanding. Usually janni wears colourful stuff so i think alittle bit of colour would have been more “janni” style.

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