The best team to travel with!

Världens härligaste gäng! Kunde inte tänka mig roligare människor att hänga med i en vecka, vi har hunnit med så mycket så det känns som vi varit borta mycket längre. Kom precis hem från min syster, gick över dit nu ikväll för att hänga lite. :-) Tycker det är så tråkigt att hänga hemma själv, speciellt när man haft så mycket människor runt omkring sig. Hade saknat min syster också, såklart! <3 Väntar på lite bilder (outfits bland annat) som jag inte hunnit visa er, hann inte få de nu och jag mååste sova. Är så trött så det känns som ögonlocken har klister på sig. Om ni förstår vad jag menar haha! Hörs imorgon, puss och sov så gott. <3

//The greatest team! Couldn’t think of people more fun to spend a week with, we’ve done so much so it feels like we’ve been away for much longer. Just got back home from my sister, walked over to her for the night to hang out. :-) Think it’s super boring to be alone, especially when I’ve had so many people around lately. I missed my sister too, of course! <3 Waiting for some pics (outfits and stuff) that I haven’t had time to show you, haven’t gotten them yet and now I neeed to sleep. I’m so tired that my eyelids feels like glue in it. If you understand what I mean haha! Talk tomorrow, kisses and sleep tight. <3

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  • Carmen says:

    Hey Gorgeous!! Love your style and OMG what a life you have!Congrats! :-)
    Janni you never talk about your sister…or put photos with her… She seems so nice..I missed her blog so you know if she will come back with the blog? is she ok?
    Keep with the great job!

    • Janni says:

      Hey sweetie! Oh I think I’ve talked about her a bit, we’ve been hanging out more lately! I’ve been traveling so much so I haven’t had time, but she’s still my all time best friend. I miss her blog too, but she didn’t enjoy it so I don’t think she will blog for a while. She feels super so don’t worry about that! :-) We’re going to the movies tonight so I will make sure to snap some pics of her! ;-) Hugs!

  • antonia says:

    better than the blurfinmorocco team?? :P :D

    • Janni says:

      Oooh that’s a tough question, they were both amazing in different ways. You will understand more soon, why this trip was just insane and we got a crazy connection with everyone. ;-) Hugs! <3

  • Vilken fin bild på hela gänget :-)

  • Caroline says:

    Bor inte du och Jon ihop?

  • Janine says:

    It must be so fun to travel with such a huge crew!
    I am currently travelling in South Africa alone :) and I just wrote a new blogpost about how I can afford to travel so much.

  • Lovely picture !
    This view in the background looks really beautiful (:
    Love, L

  • Linnea says:

    Så härligt gäng :)

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