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14:43 | February 12, 2015


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A pit stop for lunch at Peregrine in Cape town, great food and drinks!

Åt nyss lite lunch hemma framför datorn, kontrasterna i livet… Köpte en grillad kyckling och stekte broccoli och sötpotatis. Ganska gott men saknar sällskapet och att äta fräsch mat i värmen. Vi stannade på ett ställe som heter Peregrine och åt en lunch, fyllde på med lite energi mellan alla aktiviteter. Åt goda sallader och drack smoothies (och iskaffe-milkshake…). Lite efterrätter på det också, mums. Min behandling blev inställd idag då tjejen var sjuk men jag ska dit imorgon istället, så det fick bli en hemmadag innan bion ikväll. Nu ska jag göra en kopp kaffe och försöka hitta lite alla hjärtans-dag tips till er. Puss! <3

//Just had some lunch at home in front of the computer, contrast in life.. Bought a grilled chicken and fried broccoli and sweet potato. Pretty tasty but I miss the company and having fresh food in the heat. We stopped at a place called Peregrine for lunch, got some energy between all the activities. Had nice salads and smoothies (and ice-coffee milkshake…). Some desserts too, yum. My treatment got cancelled today since the girl was sick but I’m going there tomorrow instead, so it ended up to be a day at home before the movie tonight. Will make one more cup of coffee and try to find some valentines-tips for you guys. Hugs! <3

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  • do you eat low carb purposely? :) i noticed that you usually eat a lot of greens (no matter if for lunch or dinner) with some protein sorce like chicken or some kind of fish. i noticed this since a while now but i thought i would just ask you now if you do this because you “fear the bad” carbs? :D

  • Hey sweetie! No I don’t, I try to eat carbs to every meal but I really don’t like a lot of them. I’m not a carb-fan, but I love sandwiches… ;-) I just like protein, fat and vegetables more so I try to eat more of that instead, and always some kind of carbs thru out the day. I’m not “scared” to eat anything. :-) Hugs!

  • Härliga bilder!

  • It looks like everyone is snapping the moment :-) What would you say is the key to being a famous blogger? xx

  • Haha I know, a bit crazy. ;-) hmm the key must be to be willing to put a lot of time and effort in to it! Hugs <3

  • vad härligt det där ser ut. Haha kan bara tänka mig hur mkt bilder som tas vid sådana där luncher haha <3

  • Det där såg härligt ut :)