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Tennis – such a great sport to do together! / Wearing HM top/ Gina Tricot shorts/ Reebok shoes

Game on people – hehe! Körde ju tennis en dag i Marbella men glömde helt bort de här bilderna. Det är ju helt otroligt kul, jag körde ju med Mira en gång i Stockholm och blev sugen på mer. Jon sa att han inte gillade det så mycket men efter några matcher i Marbella sa han att han älskade det. Hoppas på mer sånt framöver, finns ingen roligare aktivitet man kan göra tillsammans och samtidigt få träning. För träning är det, man blir helt slut haha! Jag har lite för dålig vinnarskalle däremot, blir ju galen när jag skjuter bollen och den inte hamnar där jag vill i huvudet. Jaja, övning ger färdighet! ;-) Nu ska jag ta en dusch och sen möta upp mina bästa kvinnor, mamma och syster, för middag. Myskväll! Puss <3 (Ps. pass-situationen går inge vidare, håll tummarna åt mig och att dom hittar det…)

//Game on people – hehe! Did tennis one day in Marbella but totally forgot these pictures. It’s so much fun, I did it with Mira once in Stockholm and really wanted to do it more. Jon told me he didn’t like it that much but after a few games in Marbella he said he loved it. Hoping that we’ll do more of that in the future, there’s no better activity you can do together and at the same time get a workout. Because it’s for sure a workout, you get totally dead haha! I want to win a bit too much though, I get crazy when I hit the ball and it doesn’t end up where I want it to in my head. Well well, practice makes perfect! ;-) Time for a shower and then meet up with my favourite ladies, mom and sister, for dinner. Cozy night! Hugs <3 (Ps. my passport situation isn’t going too well, fingers crossed for me and that they’ll find it…)

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  • Anna says:

    Ser så kul ut, vet dock hur värdelös jag är på det haha ?

  • Åh gud så härligt :)
    Kram Hanna!

  • Ana says:

    Hi Janni
    Nothing to do with your post but I was looking at your skin and find that you have a very beautiful skin. Never a pimple or something wrong. Do you use a special cream ? What about aromatherapy, did you hear something about this ? I actually use aromatherapy since soon one year and it changed my skin life. I use daily natural oils instead of creams (too much chemistry), Shea butter, Alep soap for the body, and some essential oils for the bath. If you want some more information about this, don’t hesitate ! You already have a beautiful skin so I was wondering if you use something special. I think eating so healthy is helping you a lot !
    Sorry for this so long comment, and fingers crossed for your trip !

    • janni says:

      Hi sweetie! I’m lucky when it comes to my skin, I usually have great skin and I actually think it’s in my genes. I think the same as you, eat healthy and workout makes the skin feel better. :-) Hugs!

  • antonia says:

    shiiit fingers crossed. i mean they have to find it on the plane….who would steal a passport??? i thought every time you leave a plane, cleaning staff cleans the plane before other ppl can board? they must have found it?! how annoying. lets hope for the best. have a wonderful evening at least with your mum and sis. <3

    • janni says:

      I don’t know… Hopefully they will return it and give it back. Since we weren’t supposed to land at Arlanda they didn’t have any responsibility for that airline so we’ll see. Fingers crossed! Hugs <3

  • Mari says:

    Ursnygga bilder och kul med tennis :)

  • Sofia says:

    Älskar verkligen din nya headerbild :D

  • Johanna says:

    Älskar bilden in action! :) Och de andra är snygga de med, lite annorlunda mot vad du brukar göra :) Och supersnygg header! :)

  • Mia says:

    Do you ever think about the lifestyle you deliver? The planet earth is crumbling and you are encouraging travelling, consuming clothes, material things, and foods in a faster pace than ever recorded. How do you wanna influent your readers to live an sustainable life?

    • janni says:

      Hi sweetie! Yes, I do, a lot actually. If you’ve been reading my blog for the last month you know I saw the documentary Cowspiracy and after that I’ve been vegetarian. I don’t see how it’s sustainable to eat meat anymore and how much more that affects the environment compared to traveling, so I stopped eating it to do my part. :-) Thanks for feedback though! Hugs <3

  • Lars Michel says:

    Då är det ju bra att du flyttar ner till Monaco. Ca 100/150 meter från er lägenhet österut längs med vattnet finns ju Monaco Country Clubs tennisbana. Flera banor och riktigt fräscht.
    Rekommenderar förövrigt Monaco Masters; tennisturneringen som går i april. Alltid många stjärnor (särskilt då många av dem bor i Monaco).


  • Pippa says:

    Hi Janni. I love your blog by the way! Myself and my Swedish boyfriend are huge fans of yours ;)
    Just out of interest, do you run much? Or do you find other cardio based sports more fun? Im English but lived in Sweden for 4 years and used to run the Stockholm 10k every year :) Hugs!! x

    • janni says:

      Thanks babe, makes me so happy to hear! <3 I don't run much, more like never.. I try because I want to learn but I really don't enjoy it. I love my powerwalks though! ;-) Hugs! <3

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