I really want to find the perfect old, cute car! <3

Ser ni drömbilen eller? Jag har velat ha en söt gammal bil så länge, för ett tag sedan när vi var i Monaco så visade Allegra en bil som hon gett till sin bror. Det var en gammal Fiat, efter det har jag googlat och googlat runt haha! Det finns en hel del men man måste tydligen byta ut typ allt på bilen så den inte går sönder direkt när man köpt den. Det gör att jag tvekar. Kan verkligen se mig själv åka runt i en sån bil i någon härlig färg i Monaco, tror det hade passat mig. ;-) Vi såg den här söta bilen och jag var såklart tvungen att ha en bild med den… Jakten fortsätter helt enkelt! Hoppas ni har en fin lördag, massa kärlek <3

//Can you see the dream car? I’ve been wanting a cute old car for so long, a while ago when we were in Monaco Allegra showed me a car she got her brother. It was an old Fiat, after that I’ve been looking around on google so many times haha! There’s a bunch of them but you have to change lots of things on it apparently, so it doesn’t break down as soon as you buy it. That’s why I’m hesitating. I can really see myself going around in a car like that in a nice color in Monaco, I think it would suit me. ;-) We saw this cute car and of course I had to have a picture with it… I will keep on looking for the perfect one! Hope you guys have a great saturday, lots of love <3

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  • Anni says:

    That’s a cute car! I think the old cars have much more soul to them than the new ones… If I were to buy a car, I would definitely find and old one!


  • Siri says:

    Åh så läckra bilder!

  • Myrthe says:

    What colour are your Birkenstocks? Black? Love your outfit and the car. Xxx

  • Paula says:

    so cute! I can see you in a turquoise or pink one! :)

    check out my blog <3 http://enjoybypaula.com

  • Erika Pudas says:

    Can u please post vlogs more often? <333

    • janni says:

      Right now 2 a week is perfect for me! :-) But check out Jon’s vlogs, I’m in them all the time and there you can see what we’re up to! Xx

  • Sarah says:

    Hi ,janni
    We have had an old fiat and also a 2CV, they have a roll top off roof, great fun. They stopped making them a while ago. You will have to pay a certain amount to fix an old car (unless you buy a reconditioned one) but if you keep it in Marbella in the hot weather it will last ok, its the wet thats a killer for these cars. They are not so good safety wise as they are old technology but if you arent doing any distance or high speed driving they are fine. And yes I think it would look very cool, thats why we had one :-) oh and they match my Gucci bags and headscarfs ;-))

  • Claes says:

    If another motorist makes some kind of mistake causing you to be involved in an accident, a car like that is a death trap(!) And what would happen if you’re hit from behind by another car, or someone forbid, a truck (!) that made a mistake and hits you from behind with a relatively high speed. I assume that you know what a chronic whiplash injury is? If you were to get one of those chronic whiplash injuries, the rest of your life would be very different to say the least… Cars that run on gasoline and diesel can also catch on fire(!) Especially a very, very old car like this… Imagine being trapped in that car after an accident, seriously injured, and then that car catches on fire…

    If I were you I would get something with a good safety rating (google ”euroncap”). I would choose something roughly at least the size of VW Golf (Size matters when it comes to car safety). I would also try and choose a car with very low CO2-emissions. If possible I would buy an electric car. Around the year 2018 Tesla will start producing their up-coming ”Model 3”. As far as I know — long term — that’s probably the best option from then on. Personally I have one of those Tesla Model 3 reservations (Costs about 10.000 SEK to reserve).

    Until then perhaps you can get by with an electric vehicle like the VW e-Golf, Ford Focus Electric, Merc.-Benz B-class electric, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, or the Tesla Roadster. The Tesla Roadster is only available pre-owned. Tip: Check that out if you haven’t heard of it before (!)… There’s also the Tesla Model S (or X), but that’s a little more money…

    If you absolutely need a longer range than a pure electric car can offer, then there are the Audi A3 e-tron, BMW 330e iPerformance, Merc.-Benz C-class 350 e, VW Golf GTE, Volvo V60 Twin Engine and the BMW i3 REX. There’s also the BMW i8, but again, that’s a little more money…

    There are also cars that run on CNG (Compressed Methane Gas). If the Methane comes from recycled organic waste that could also perhaps be an option.

  • Claes says:

    EDIT: Missed to mention this plug-in hybrid alternative: BMW 225 xe iPerformance

  • Anna lyhs says:

    Lethal… It is more dangerous to crash in that car than it is to be run over. Please don’t go in something like that?

  • Sophie says:

    Tihi … jo, den är verkligen charmig den gamla bilen. ??

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