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Hej babes! Nu är ju många reor igång, och Nelly drar igång sin holiday-rea idag… Den öppnar klockan 18 men jag har fått en kod så ni kan in och shoppa lite tidigare. ;-) Ovan är några av mina favoriter, en dagslook och en kvällslook. Finns en heel del så jag har inte gått igenom allt, men tänkte sätta mig och spana lite mer nu. Med koden VIPJANNI kommer ni in på rean redan nu. :-) Ni kommer till rean HÄR! Happy shopping babes, nu ska jag ställa in min “nya” dator, berättar sen… Haha! PUSS!

//Hey babes! A lot of sales are going on now, and Nelly starts their holiday-sale today… It opens at 6pm but I have a code for you guys so you can shop before it opens. ;-) Above are some of my favorites, one look for the day and one for the night. There’s a loot of stuff and I haven’t gone through it all, but I’m planning to sit down and check it out more now. With the code VIPJANNI you can access the sale now. :-) You’ll get to it HERE! Happy shopping babes, now I need to set up my “new” computer, I’ll tell you later… Haha! HUGS!

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  • Lucie says:

    The sweater number 2 is absolutely gorgeous! Love what you picked!
    Lucie, xx

  • Adam says:

    Hej Janni!

    Jag tänker köpa en ring till min flickvän i julklapp, men det är ju en jungel!
    Har du några tips på några snygga vardagsringar? Gärna silver typ :)

    Budget: 1000- 1700 kr

    Tack på förhand!

  • QUESTION FOR JANNI: It seems you’re a vegetarian, and drive the electric golf cart in Marbella out of environmental reasons…
    In Jon’s “Mega Q&A session | Vlog 251 posted on 161221, at the 23:11 mark, Jon says about four-seaters that he will get a Rolls Royce if you – Janni – gets to decide. As I understand it the new version of the Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid will emit less CO2 than a Rolls (or a Ferrari FF) regardless of what trip/distance you take it on (especially if it’s battery is full at the get go). A new Panamera 4 E-Hybrid will also, as I understand it, cost less than a used Rolls or Ferrari FF.
    Your sister just had her second child. Because of Man-Made Global Warming the mean sea level rise since ~1880 is about 23 cm and currently rising about another cm every third year. If you look at the graph displaying mean sea level rise since ~1880 it’s currently forming a near perfectly exponential curve. [Graph is here: ] Just scroll down to the second half of that page.
    For the sake of the future of your sisters two little children – as well as the children you yourself are planning to have – are you willing to consider doing everything you can to reduce your green house gas emissions?
    Can we at least get to see you test-drive the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid? The best option would however of course be a Tesla Model S. Tesla now since some time has so called “Supercharger” fast-charging stations between Monaco and Marbella as well as over all of Europe… Launching a Tesla Model S P90/100DL from a standstill would also make a really great YouTube segment…
    Your dad could also drive something with considerably smaller CO2-emissions than the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 (?) that he drives now…

  • Hanna says:


    The links don’t it my phone problem or…?
    Love that brown coat ❤️

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