Super easy and super good – acai bowl with toppings! <3

God morgon babes! Jon och jag gick ut på en promenad imorse och när vi kom hem fixade jag iordning acai-bowls till frukost. Det är så enkelt och gott! Jon gillar inte att äta frukost (hur knäpp? haha), men acai-bowls älskar han så när jag gör det äter han alltid. :-) Jag gör min såhär (för två personer): 2 bananer, ca 5-6 dl frysta bär (hallon, blåbär), två matskedar acai-pulver, 1,5 dl mandelmjölk och lite vatten. Den blir väldigt krämig och god! Jag gillar att ha frysta banener i men nu körde jag på vanliga, när man tar frysta bananer blir det mer glass-liknande. Kanske något ni är sugna på nu i helgen! Man kan toppa med exakt vad man vill, jag tog linfrön, chiafrön, kokos, mango och jordnötssmör. Ha en fin fredag så hörs vi sen, puss <3

//Good morning babes! Jon and I went out for a walk this morning and when we got back home I made acai-bowls for breakfast. It’s so easy and good! Jon doesn’t like to eat breakfast (how weird? haha), but he loves acai-bowls so when I make that he always eats. :-) I make it like this (for two persons): 2 bananas, around 5-6 dl frozen berries (raspberries, blueberries), two table spoons acai powder, 1,5 dl almond milk and a bit of water. It’s very creamy and good! I like to have frozen bananas in it but I went for regular ones today, when you take frozen ones it gets more ice cream like. Maybe something you want to make this weekend! You can top it with whatever you want, I had flax seeds, chia seeds, coconut flakes, mango and peanutbutter. Have a great friday and I’ll talk to you later, hugs <3

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  • Maya says:

    Janniiii it looks delicious :) Just one very important advice when it comes to flex should never eat these like whole seeds because if you consume them like you post it on the picture, it just goes through your body and it does not process it at need to grind them or buy them already grinded..I personally do that :) Have a lovely weekend and all the best <3

  • Adriana says:

    Hi! A reader from Brasil here :D The correct pronounciation of acai is “Asaiii”, you don’t pronounce the C as if it was a K and the emphasis is on the i in the end ;) Love your work and especially the vlogs!

  • Esther says:

    Looks so good Janni!! Thank you for posting a recipe. I’ve been wanting to make one!! Just need to find Acai powder.

  • Marcus says:

    Whole flax seed just go strait through your digestive systems and end up in your poop lol – but do not buy ground flax seed because the oil in flax seed oxidises and goes rancid very quickly – so if you open a packet of ground flax you need to use it all at once, it doesn’t last when it has been opened. but the seeds are stable – and you can grind it in a mortar and pestle ???

  • Siri says:

    Åh vad gott!!

  • hanna kader says:

    Ok måste verkligen testa receptet. Jag är en acai junkie. Yummie in my tummie. Tack för receptet fina du

  • Lucie says:

    I just wish acai wasn’t so expensive :( I’d love to eat that in the morning but it’s so hard to find and just way to expensive here in Paris… Yours look absolutely delicious!
    Lucie, xx

  • Anna says:

    Ser så gott ut. Försöka göra det till frukost imorgon. Älskar att äta frukost länge på helgerna! Trevlig helg ☺️

  • Jo says:

    It looks so delicious! Kisses, Jo

  • Elsa says:

    Hur kan man inte gilla frukost, typ det bästa som finns ju! Det där ser också hur gott ut som helst så förstår att han gillar det ;-) Ha en grym dag!

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