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09:32 | December 13, 2018


One of the tastiest meals I’ve done – oven baked butternut squash with a bean mix and hummus. <3

God morgon hjärtan! Tack för all feedback om fördomar, jag känner väl att det verkligen är på tiden att vi startar podd om det är såhär ni tror att vi är… ;-) Vi ska bemöta allt så får vi hoppas på att ni ändrar uppfattning om oss efter några avsnitt, haha! Till något mer positivt (hehe), jag vill dela med mig av receptet på den här goda måltiden. Jag skulle nog säga att det är ett av mina bästa recept, tycker jag. Jag delade en butternut pumpa, smorde in den med olivolja och salt och la den i ugnen i ca 1h (180 grader). När den var i ugnen stekte jag grönsaker (morot, paprika, gullök och vitlök) och la till kindeybönor i slutet. Jag kryddade med salt, peppar och chili. När pumpan kändes mjuk (jag kände med en gaffel) så tog jag ut den, la bön/grönsaksmixen i hålet och toppade med koriander och hummus. WOW. Jon toppade med stark sås istället, så här kan man välja efter smak. :-) Vi åt den med sked och jag säger bara – ni måste testa! Jag vet inte om sån här pumpa säljs överallt men jag brukar se den lite överallt. Påminner lite om sötpotatis, kan tänka mig att det är gott med kanel på också för att få lite julig smak. Hoppas ni provar det! (Ps. Ät inte skalet på pumpan, bara det inuti). Nu ska jag packa det sista och sen åker vi mot flyget och Stockholm. Hörs där, PUSS <3

//Good morning loves! Thanks for all the feedback on thoughts about us, I do feel that’s it’s really about time for us to start a podcast if this is what you think of us… ;-) We’re gonna talk about all of the thoughts and hopefully you’ll change your mind about us after a few episodes, haha! (I will try to make a post about some of them in english here on the blog). To something more positive (hehe), I want to share the recipe for this amazing meal. I would probably say it’s one of my best recipes, in my opinion. I split a butternut squash in half, I rubbed in oliveoil and salt in it and put it all in the oven for an hour (180 degrees celsius). When it was in the oven I fried veggies (carrot, paprika, yellow onion, garlic) and added kidney beans in the end. I used salt, pepper and chili. When the butternut felt soft (I used a fork to try) I took it out, added the bean/veggie mix in the hole and topped it with coriander and hummus. WOW. Jon topped it with spicy sauce, so here you can choose whatever you like. :-) We ate it with a spoon and I can just say – you have to try it! I’m not sure if you can buy butternut squash everywhere but I see it almost everywhere. It has a similar taste as sweet potatoes, I think it would be great with cinnamon too to get a bit of a christmasy flavor. Hope you try it! (Ps. Don’t eat the skin of it, just the inside). Now I’m gonna pack up the last things and then we’re gonna head to the flight and Stockholm. Talk to you there, HUGS <3

13 kommentarer

13 kommentarer om “BUTTERNUT SQUASH”

    This sounds delicious! You have inspired me to stick to being vego for the past 4 months, and I feel fantastic!
    By the way….don’t listen to people’s comments, just do what feels right to you, it’s your life, no one else’s.


    By the way… I also wanted to tell you that I have commented on your sister’s blog too (I love following both of you).. Your sister is amazing and such a beautiful person who shows the world she is strong of character and an inspiring mother. I have 3 children and fully understand how exhausting it is to not only be a great mother, but also juggle a career and study. It is SO hard. You are both beautiful and inspiring women. It is no bodies business how you run your life and why you make the choices you do. Please don’t feel you have to justify yourself to anyone.
    I won’t be able to listen to the podcast (as I only speak English – I live in Australia). But I would be sad if you focused your podcast on answering those questions. Make the podcast positive. Talk about your relationship as sisters, how you stay connected even though you live away from each other. Talk about the children and the funny things they do. You can discuss your different tastes in Fashion, TV shows, books, Travel. Keep it light and entertaining. It would be great if Michaela talked about what inspired her to go back to study and how you, Janni, come up with your business ideas to stay fresh and relevant in today’s society. Talk about your decision to be a vegetarian and then vegan, how easy or hard it is to stick to it (especially traveling).
    There is so much you could discuss.
    xxxx B


    This looks really good!
    I personally prefer hokkaido squash and always eat it with the peel, either baked, in curry, or in soup.


    I literally got a stomach ache from scrolling through those comments in the last post.
    I can’t believe how many prejudices people have and feel they are entitled to have.

    I have the biggest respect for you guys and love the attitude you put forward and share with the internet.



    Jag vill bara ge lite positivitet efter komentarena från förra inlägget, jag kunde inte ens läsa klart dem för de fick mig att må dåligt, kan inte ens tänka mig hur de skulle kännas om dem var riktade mot mig själv. TA INTE ÅT DIG, avundsjuka och elakhet är vad som driver de personerna. Nästan värst var de som skulle förklä elakheterna med att börja med att “jag gillar dig, MEN…” nej, usch.

    du är grym, kör på!


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