A new vlog from our weekend, and also showing you Leon’s bedtime routine! <3

Hej babes! Hoppas ni haft en fin helg. <3 Det har vi, vi myser på som vanligt och leker med Leon hela dagarna typ. Bakar och lagar mat gör vi också, som ni har märkt. ;-) Jag filmade en vlogg i helgen så här kommer den! Vi försöker göra helgerna lite “speciella” för att känna någon skillnad på dagarna. Vi myser lite extra, äter lite extra gott och sånt. Mysigt med lite helgfeeling! Nu har Leon precis somnat och jag ska ta en dusch. Visade Leons kvällsrutin i videon också, ni är ganska många som frågat om den! Vet inte alls om vi gör något speciellt men gillar att ha en liten rutin på kvällen och det känns som han mår bra av det också och märker att det är dags för natten. :-) Hoppas ni gillar vloggen! Nu – dusch! PUSS <3

//Hey babes! Hope you’ve had a nice weekend. <3 We have, we’re chillin’ as usual and playing around with Leon all day. We’re baking and cooking food too, as you’ve noticed. ;-) I filmed a vlog this weekend and here it is! We’re trying to make our weekends a bit more “special” to feel some kind of difference in the days. We’re chillin’ a bit more, eating a bit more yummy things and stuff like that. Cozy with some weekend feelings! Now Leon just fell asleep and I will have a shower. I show Leon’s bedtime routine in this video as well, a lot of you have asked about it! I don’t know if we’re doing something special but I like to have a routine at night and it feels like he feels good with it too and he realizes that it’s night time. :-) Hope you like the vlog! Now – shower! HUGS <3


  • Emma says:

    Hi Janni
    And thanks for yet another great vlog. I love following you around (in house or outside :-)) and see videos of Leon, Jon, workouts, food, more food and fun times. I have been looking all over the internet for the white wine you guys drink but I can’t find it. Can you post a link to where you bought it?
    Hugs from Denmark

  • Anna says:

    Hej Janni!
    Älskar dina vloggar och ÄLSKAR kvalitén på dom! Är jätte intresserad att veta vilken kamera och lins du använder för att filma, för dina videos är ju helt magiska!😍 hoppas du kan dela med dig av din hemlighet🤪

    Med all kärlek från Sverige!🇸🇪

  • Eliboldi says:

    Ni är bäst!

  • Mireia says:

    This is so lovely!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Bella says:

    Skulle du kunna lägga ut receptet på smoothie bowl du gjorde i filmen? Ser så gott ut!

  • Angie says:

    Vad är det för träningsprogram du kör? 😊 har också börjat komma igång efter förlossningen

  • Anonymous says:

    How come you left your beautiful house in Marbella to live in a small apartment in Monaco?
    Or was it just a rental? Inwould never leave that paradise.

    • janni says:

      Haha, we were actually getting really tired of Marbella when we left! We were there for so long since we gave birth to Leon there and stayed for a long time. I missed Monaco and to be honest our apartment is perfect size. Especially with a baby! :-) Xx

  • Julie says:

    Hey Janni
    what happened to your hair?
    Is that a receding hairline as a result of pregnancy?


  • Lisa says:


    I just wanted to tell you that you really shine now after Leon :) We can see how happy you are :)

  • Aneta says:

    Hey Janni! Can you share where are the deconstructed denim shorts from? The ones you wear in your latest Monaco vlog?

  • Agnes says:

    I came here to look for recepie after the video but could not find it here 🙈

  • Sheryl says:

    Hi Janni, did you stop breastfeeding as you drink wine in the evenings?

    • Linda says:

      Hi Janni, I am a midwife and have the urge to tell you that having a drink while breastfeeding is NOT ok. I feel that you are a wonderful woman and especially mother and I think you are a role model to loads of women. Please be careful what you show to others! Take care

      • janni says:

        Don’t worry, I know what’s ok or not since I would NEVER do anything to hurt my baby. You can have wine while breastfeeding but of course not be drunk since then you can’t take care of a baby. I’m always saying that I only have a tiny bit of wine, I would never drink until I “feel” anything from it, I just have a few sips for the taste. Thanks for caring though! <3

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