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21:37 | September 30, 2015


janni-deler-thaitruck-hawaiiDSC_6437 janni-deler-thaitruck-hawaiiDSC_6440 janni-deler-thaitruck-hawaiiDSC_6466 janni-deler-thaitruck-hawaiiDSC_6468

Food truck food for lunch, thai-food!

Wow, vaknade nu! Sov ut ordentligt idag, brukar vakna tidigt varje morgon. :-) Vi gick och la oss så sent eftersom vi kollade film, den var ju ganska lång… Har precis käkat frukost här och tror vi kör en thai-truck till lunch idag! Vi kör vidare på food truck spåret, det är riktigt god mat därifrån. Hoppas på att det kommer mer sånt till Stockholm, men sen tänkte jag att det kanske är svårt mitt i vintern. Nu ska jag byta om och ta mig ut för lite surf tror jag, det ser äntligen mindre ut! Vi har ju bara 1,5 dag kvar här (NOOOOOOO) så ska verkligen utnyttja varje sekund. Ha en fin kväll hjärtan, puss <3

//Wow, just woke up! Slept for long today, usually wake up early every morning. :-) We went to bed pretty late since we watched the movie, it was pretty long… Just had breakfast here and I think we’re going for thai-truck for lunch today! We’re continuing on the food truck-track, the food is so tasty. Hope that it will pop up more of these in Stockholm, but then I figured it might be hard during winter time. Time for me to change and get out for some surfing, it finally looks smaller! We only have 1,5 days left here (NOOOOO) so I’m going to enjoy every second of it. Have a great night loves, hugs <3

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  • I would get so fat in Hawaii with all those foodtrucks and this tasty food, haha! :D But you are looking so beautiful! :) Nice photos!
    Puss :) Elena

  • Did you go to the ones in Boston? There are tons of them all around the city.

  • No I didn’t actually, maybe next time! :D Hugs!

  • Have you only been in Oahu there or have travelled other islands also? Do you think only Oahu is enough ? :) Im going to Hawaii on December so Im just thinking how many days is enough in Oahu and so on….

  • We spent all our time in Oahu, next time I want to go to Maui and see that too! :-) For me Oahu was enough since we stayed in the perfect spot, I wouldn’t want to live in Honolulu since it was completely different compared to where we stayed. It all depends, but a few days in Oahu and then go on. :-) Hugs!

  • Jätte snygg klänning!! Var är den ifrån?? :)

  • Åh minns inte vad märket heter tyvärr! :-( Kram!

  • Where your sunglasses are? They are super sweet!

  • From ZeroUV :-) Hugs! <3

  • Vad fin klänning!Vart har du köpt den?